9 Undeniable Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You


Well, have you ever wondered whether he truly likes you or what signs a Scorpio man is playing you when you’re around him? How do you realize that signal when it’s happening?

The truth is Scorpio Man extremely excels at manipulating a woman he likes, even if they do what he wants without fully committing to you in the long term. After all, people like this can make your head spin.

And if you’re not unconscious enough, you won’t know that you’re wasting your time with a man who isn’t really ready to build a serious and stable relationship with you.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you get to the bottom of thorny puzzles. Luckily, there are obvious signs you can decipher, no matter how good they are at hiding playing you.

Simultaneously, if you want to understand and connect with these zodiac men on a deeper level, let me show you what a Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman which helps you obtain great potential.

In this article, Lalazodiac will show you 9 undeniable signs that a Scorpio man is playing with you.

Why Are Scorpio Men Players?

Scorpio men are players because of their enigma and secretive nature.

These fixed Water signs often have a mysterious aura about them. These private individuals don’t reveal much about themselves until they fully trust you. This secretiveness can sometimes be interpreted as being sneaky or deceptive and is often associated with being a player.

Moreover, Scorpio men are players because they really need control and power, especially when it comes to their emotions and personal lives. When he’s unsure of his feelings or how they might be received, creating distance allows him to manage the pace and nature of the relationship on his terms.

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9 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You

1. Scorpio Man Is Mysterious About His Life And Pushes You Out Of His Personal Space

Certainly, if a Scorpio man doesn’t want to open up to you, it’s a sign a Scorpio man is playing you. Do you find it strange when I say that? When this zodiac sign is known for its closedness. Certainly, this zodiac sign might make excuses for their secretive nature or protect their feelings because of the fear of vulnerability.

But, believe me.

I work with those born under the Scorpio zodiac sign many times and I understand them very obviously. Okay, it’s right that a typical Scorpion seems hardly to open up and has an aloof appearance at first, but it’s wrong when you two have been together for a while.

When a Scorpio man truly has feelings for you, he will make an effort and do their utmost to build trust. He will keep you as close as possible to his insecurities, fragility, and sensitivities. And he always shows vulnerable in front of women he takes super seriously as a soulmate.

Thus, if your Scorpio man doesn’t want you to know anything about him, it simply means you’re not one of his loved ones. He has a vast space and creates distance from you called privacy.

You hardly know anything about him. You don’t know what makes him happy or sad. You’re just there. There’s no way a Scorpio man opens up to whom he doesn’t see a future with.

And no matter how painful it is, you must accept that fact.

Why would someone reject the chance to open up to the woman he cares about? Perhaps, he just wants to achieve something else he wants or it’s one of the signs a Scorpio man using you. Have you ever wondered if it’s sex? I will explain in the next point.

2. Scorpio Man Only Comes To You When He Wants To Satisfy Physical Intimacy

All we know is that Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio with association with the 8th house, representing sex, possession, and desire. That is why these astrological signs highly appreciate physical intimacy, physical drive, and sexual tension.

Even, he brings sex that’s so hot, it leaves you breathless. Yet, this is one of the important red warning flags when you are in a relationship with him. Why do I say that?

Often, when a Scorpio man likes you, they want to connect you more than a physical connection on all levels, including emotional, soul, and mental. Dig deeper, they desire to bridge the gap between both degrees through physical connection sincerely, no game.

However, you have to observe whether he only comes to you when in the mood and pretends to be vulnerable to get you into bed with him. Or you might notice that your Scorpio man never actually takes you out on real dates but only asks you to come over for lovemaking.

Does he disregard you the moment you sleep with him? Even, if have you seen his texting also is full of sexual innuendo because signs a Scorpio man has feelings for you through text are very different.

Okay, let me tell you that if your Scorpio men have all the signals I mentioned above, it’s not one of the signs a Scorpio man is sexually attracted to you but he is playing you. Of course, not all Scorpio men are like this.

But if he gets upset every time you don’t want to have sex or he ignores you when you establish your boundary, I think it’s a valid reason for you to ignore the Scorpio man. It’s time to run away from him and never look back.

3. Does Scorpio Man Scorpio Man Playing With My Feelings Through Hot And Cold Behavior

Yup, Scorpio Man is the master manipulator in disguise. He’ll express himself so well that always makes you doubt yourself. But remember my words, we are all fond of a bit of mystery, and the Scorpio Man player is brimming with it.

One day, his actions spoke of a clear affection towards you, but today, it’s as if he’s purposefully avoiding any interaction. Even, he disregards your phone calls and messages and makes no effort to reach out to you. This sudden shift leaves you bewildered casting a shadow of doubt over what you had perceived to be a promising connection.

Afterward, he constantly resumes contacting you through calls and texts after a period. At this time, you will constantly be confused about the status of your relationship.

Even more, you will always be obsessed with questions like “Is Scorpio Man playing with my feelings or it’s one of the signs Scorpio Man is fighting his feelings for me?”

But not only that, this leads me to my next point…

4. Scorpio Man Gaslight You In A Way That Melts Your Heart And Diverts You From How You Are Actually Feeling

We understand your frustration; however, it’s important to recognize that he’s using this approach to gain emotional leverage over you.

The term “Gaslighting” comes from the stage play Gas Light in 1938, where a husband tries to make his wife doubt her sanity by dimming their home’s gas-powered lights and denying any change. This potent form of emotional abuse undermines the victim’s trust in their feelings, instincts, and sanity, giving the abuser significant control.

In your relationship with a Scorpio man, you’ll feel as if you’re blaming own yourself, “Is it my fault?” or “It’s just that I’m worrying too much because I’m insecure.”

You often feel like you’re treading on thin ice, and may find yourself cautious about what to say or do for fear of upsetting him and causing him to leave. Listen up, ladies! One of the signs a scorpio man is falling for you is to make you feel secure and protected.

It’s important that we need to differentiate between “need” and “want”. If you have met the first requirement, there’s no need for further hesitation. Our women’s sixth sense is very sharp, don’t let the good times taint your judgment.

Factly, have you thought when he can no longer get what he wants, or it’s no longer ideal for him, he’ll walk away? Don’t let it get taken for granted. I think you should leave this unhealthy relationship because this might be one of the signs Scorpio man is playing you.

Yet, intelligent Scorpio men will notice that you’ve caught on to his tricks, and in response, he may shower you with affection and make promises to ensure you stay with him. And after that…

5. His Words And Actions Don’t Match Together

Well, once again, you should remember that your Scorpio man is a manipulator. In essence, these zodiac signs are honest and forthright to the brutal point.

So, signs a Scorpio man is playing you are his empty promises or unrealistic words. Get used to disappointment, because this will become quite a regular thing!

A typical Scorpio doesn’t fall in love at first sight, nor do they open up during the initial stages of the meeting. In turn, an intuitive Scorpio is very good at reading people. They can see right through your mask and feel like they know you obviously, both your desire and weakness.

He’ll appease you with sweet words like, “I miss you so much, but I’m really too busy to have dinner with you” but the truth is he can go bowling with the same group of friends. Even, at the time you really need him to be there for you, he promises to call but he doesn’t in reality.

Or he invites you to have a picnic at the weekend but at the last minute, where he’s? Or watch a movie? He ghosts you and lets you alone on the couch in the cinema. Instead, he texts you to inform you that he can’t come and gives you a range of vague and flimsy reasons.

Remember that actions speak louder than words. His actions are telling you that he is just playing with your emotions! Trust me, if this guy cared about how you would feel, there would be no way Scorpio man hurt your feelings.

Especially when he is all talk and no action. This is just to get what he desires from you. But if you still can’t give him up, you should know how to make a Scorpio man regret hurting you and then get a Scorpio man back.

6. Scorpio Man Doesn’t Care To Get To Know You More Or Asks You Any Personal Questions

Yup, Scorpions are curious and inquisitive creatures who prefer to dig deeper into everything more than keep things surface-level. Indeed, Scorpios are inherently distant and tend to be silent. Yet, he’ll go above and beyond to attach with you on a deeper level, it’s one of the signs Scorpio man is serious about you.

So, if these astrological signs aren’t genuinely interested in you and your life, it’s truly one of the signs a Scorpio man is playing you. Don’t underestimate this. It’s not that he respects your privacy, but rather he’s not interested in investing time to learn more about you and get to know you.

Sorry to upset you, but the truth is harsh. If he’s too busy talking about himself and shows no interest in who you are, what you enjoy doing, or your visions for the future, this could be a real red flag.

When a Scorpio man cares, he will ask all sorts of personal questions about your life, goals, experiences, and fears. If he seems indifferent to you personally, this lack of interest could indicate he’s just taking advantage of you.

7. Scorpio Man Hides You From The Public

One of the signs a Scorpio man is playing you is the way he leaves you on the dark side and keeps your relationship concealed from the public. Honestly, this isn’t a Scorpio personality.

Our Scorpio is very possessive and jealous to the point that controls the entire world of their partners and leaves no room for any space. So, if he doesn’t dominate over you, that’s what’s truly telling.

Will there be no social media sharing involving you? What do you expect when asking him about posting photos of the two of you on social media? Does he say he wants to keep your relationship private?

Well, it’s truly a big red flag. I also know that Scorpio is extremely complicated but one thing is certain when they like you, your existence becomes important to them.

Surely, they will announce their love to all their loved ones because he’s happy to be with you, especially when he hates superficiality and dishonesty. He’ll take pride in his association with you, envisioning a future together and the potential for progress.

He should be eager to go out with you but should not treat you like a hidden and illicit secret or keep his bed warm at nighttime. Okay, if it’s the latter then I think you say goodbye to him.

In fact, you don’t notice his lack of effort to ensure your lives blend together, or how he makes you uncomfortable when you go out together, avoiding places where he might meet acquaintances?

If he prefers to progress things this way, you should start questioning exactly where you stand and only you can understand where this is headed.

And not just that…

8. And Everyone Just Knows You As His Friend

If you’ve read it this far in reading, I think you’ve already found an answer to this toxic relationship.

Sooner or later, an encounter with his friends or colleagues is unavoidable. Although he very makes his efforts to prevent it, there will come a time when he must introduce you to someone. Imagine being out together and running into one of his friends – what’re you waiting for?

How does he introduce you? As his girlfriend? Or merely as a friend? And even more painfully, he calls you as just a friend if the acquaintance is another woman. The intense discomfort feels like a halt in your heartbeat, squeezing the air from your lungs.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that it signifies a lack of vision for a future together if he doesn’t refer to you as his girlfriend. It really is that straightforward.

A man who truly values you will not only be open about your relationship on social media but will also be eager to introduce you to everyone important to him, reflecting his joy in being with you.

According to a Licensed Professional Counselor and Relationship Coach Christiana Njoku talks to marriage.com, “If a guy is really interested in having you in his future, he will ensure he introduces you to the people that matter to him.”

9. Scorpio Man Avoids Talking About The Future Plan With You

Do you feel your Scorpio man is reluctant to include you in his short-term, medium-term, or long-term plans? Have you wondered where’s your position when he’s talking about the future?

Actually, I know that all people prefer mindfulness which is enjoying living in the moment and feeling fully present. However, conversations about future plans have to occur at some point in a relationship. If we avoid them, it’s impossible to determine whether both of you are on the same journey or drifting towards separate shores without each other.

As a Water sign, the Scorpio zodiac sign, known for its intensity and depth, usually embraces the future passionately, especially when committed. Especially, these astrological signs always analyze situations in their life thoughtfully and, like master chess players, devise strategies to conquer and achieve their goals.

Additionally, Scorpio men extremely crave stable connections and long-term relationships, even having a ride-or-die attitude with their love. So, there’s no reason when a Scorpio man is serious about you, he won’t make plans for the future, even if that’s just a tentative.

Thus, if a Scorpio man starts to avoid discussing the future with you, it’s a significant red flag signaling a deeper issue in the relationship. A shift towards evasion can indicate a withdrawal from the emotional investment necessary to build a future together.

After all, when a Scorpio Man plays you, he doesn’t make plans but jumps from one woman to another, getting what they want and leaving when they get bored. And if you’re seeking some level of assurance in your relationships and life, it’s wise to keep your distance and don’t let you be the last of his contingency plans.

My Last Thinking About Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You

Now, you have comprehensive viewpoints about whether are a Scorpio Man player or not.

More often than not, any woman can be overly captivated by a Scorpio man’s natural charisma. The awkwardness is it becomes apparent that there are numerous indicators he’s a player, but when you realize that you’ve already become emotionally involved.

Best luck to you, I’ve known how to turn the tables on a Scorpio man after many years of study and research. I hope that you recognize these signs a Scorpio man is playing you and combine them with my dating a Scorpio man advice promptly and can spare yourself some distress.

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