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Doris Nguyen is the managing editor of, a website that covers Astrology and lifestyle news in Vietnam. She has been writing about astrology for Lalazodiac since 2021, and practicing astrology for over five years. Doris is known for her friendly and professional writing style. Especially, not only does she have the ability to guide individuals towards better self-awareness through strengths and weaknesses, but she also helps to lend hands to balance differences and pave the way towards fulfilling partnerships.

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Who is Doris Nguyen?

I am Doris, I was born and raised in a small seaside city in Vietnam. By chance, I came to astrology and found a meaningful path for my life. It can be said that astrology was the salvation for my soul when I fell into the most desperate pain.

I came to astrology at the darkest time in my life. My family encountered trouble, I went bankrupt, and that’s when I realized my social relationships weren’t what I always expected.

At first, my astrology job was as simple as censoring YouTube Video Content for my husband, Dylan Le – CEO & Founder, Astrologer and Author At Simply put, this job helps me earn money to pay off my debt and pay all my bills. Rather, I had no concept of the zodiac or astrology at this time.

But in life, everything happens for a reason. My husband’s business encountered problems, and my position was cut. To survive, I must transform myself. I realized that in the company, the content creator position always has to be outsourced while this is one of the most important roles in any company with content at its core. I nominated myself for this position. But nothing is easy.

The previous content moderation didn’t help me learn more about astrology and when I started writing I was like a toddler. The only thing I have is the English language. Lack of profession, I had a really hard time and struggled many times with my ego being hurt because my writing initially had quite a few errors.

To help me understand my work more deeply and help me be more confident in myself, my husband interpreted the natal chart for me. And believe it or not, a whole new horizon appeared before me.

I realized that inside each of us, there is not only the Sun sign but also the 12 zodiac signs inside us. I’m surprised that my 10th House is in Gemini but communication is one of my limitations. I always don’t understand why I’m a Taurus but I’m often so meticulous and go into too much detail that I often miss the big picture. And my birth chart tells me that my Ascendant is in Virgo.

Every day I study I realize that astrology has a lot of meaning and inspiration for me. I realized I was lucky when my husband showed me this tool, and astrology became a guide to help me discover myself, my strengths, and my weaknesses. But how many people out there are as lucky as me to find such a useful tool? What will they rely on to find the key to their lives?

So, I dedicate myself to studying the zodiac signs, learning how to read celestial charts, and understanding the intricate dance of the planets. I really am fascinated by how the positions of astrological signs could influence personalities, shape destinations, and offer guidance. My passion for astrology was not just about helping people find their path, understand their inner selves, and navigate life’s challenges with greater clarity; but also about helping others deal with any relationships in their life, from marriage, and love, to friendship or social bonds.
Of course, I understand that astrology will not determine who you are or what you become. But I truly hope, that in every difficult moment in your life, astrology will become a useful tool for you. Discover your hidden strengths and challenges to overcome. The most important thing is still your free will.

Article by Doris Nguyen

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