Cancer Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Career, Health and More


The fourth zodiac sign, cancer, is represented by the Crab. People born under this sign are some of the most emotional folks you will ever come across. However, this makes them understanding and intuitive.

Expect nothing less than a drama-filled relationship if you are dating a Cancerian. But also relax and enjoy the excess love and attention they will shower you with. Make sure you stay loyal; if not, you will drown the relationship.

At work, they do not slack. Their eyes pop with the fire of passion, and they will keep going till they have achieved satisfaction. It is safe to say that they are among the most popular people at work because they are attention-givers.

Don’t miss out on the fact that Cancer natives will retreat into their hard shells if you let them do all the giving and you do not give in return. They love when their efforts are reciprocated. But come on; don’t they just deserve it?

DatesJune 21 – July 22
RulerThe Moon
Zodiac houseThe Fourth House
Day of the weekMonday
Body partsThe Breasts and Stomach
Lucky numbers3, 7
SymbolThe Crab
Dominant KeywordI Feel

The Personality Traits Of Cancer

Cancer natives follow their emotions more than their heads. Be careful so their emotions don’t leave you frustrated because they go on and off like a switch.

Cancerians have a surprising sense of humor, and there! You have someone to remove the stiffness out of stiffening situations, especially at work. They are great friends and colleagues to have.

If there’s one thing they do best, it’s nurturing. Like water, they “feel” you up. The moon, which represents nurturers, speaks of Cancer’s love and care for others. You will never find their shoulders too filled to accommodate you.

Cancer: Positive Personality Traits

Having a heart that smiles on you like the moon, the Cancer native is loyal and devoted. They do not build shaky relationships, but rather commit and devote themselves to friends, family, partners, and work.

Being nurturers, they have a never-ending stream of love and affection. The Cancer native will stop at nothing (remember: they follow their hearts) to protect their loved ones without counting the cost.

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Cancerians are very sweet to their loved ones. Expect a truckload of love, kindness, sympathy, and compassion. You need to know that this truck never stops moving unless you hurt them.

Famous for their mind reading, you can say they were born shamans. They have such amazing emotional intelligence. Let’s give them an A. You can barely ever hide your thoughts and feelings from them because they can read you like an open book.

Once they have formed a bond, they find it difficult to disconnect. So don’t get jealous if your Cancer girlfriend keeps in touch with her ex. She means no harm; it’s just that she doesn’t know how to sever connections.

If you need that one buddy you can pour out your secrets and ramble on to without feeling like you are wasting your time, pick a Cancer friend. They will listen to every word you say and make you feel important.

They are good at understanding people and prefer to keep a small circle of loyal friends who are usually friends from their childhood. They love the comfort of familiarity.

Their wealth of humor is notable. In addition, they are big on security, when they feel comfortable, they seek adventure.


Cancer: Negative Personality Traits

When in one of their moods, they are irritable, and this could make them care less about anyone else at that point in time.

Noted for their fragility, if you drop them carelessly, their shells might break. Never forget that they are emotionally sensitive, so you should be watchful over their feelings.

The Cancer native needs to be loved and pampered. Sometimes, they could go as far as playing the victim just to feel equally attended to. You need to feed their emotional hunger to keep up with them.

It is a good thing that they are intuitive. However, these folks become so natural at it that their minds become programmed to investigate. They can become slightly paranoid as they often suspect people’s intentions.

Their disposition towards showing love can leave them hurt when their contributions are not cherished or respected. You can see it written all over their faces because they cannot hide their emotions.

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Cancer in Love and Relationship

When a Cancer native falls in love, they are blinded by it and do not often see the fault in their partners. Once you have ignited the feelings in them, do not think you can easily put a blanket over it.

As sensitive folks, they hide their feelings until your loyalty is tested and trusted (which they take time to) enough for them to come out of their shells. When in love, little by little, they build their world around the relationship. Soon, they have made a home out of it.

If you do not have plans to be loyal, do not start something up with a Cancerian because they are clingers. Once their love territory is mapped out, they become possessive of it. So you are either in or out.

Love, like every other relationship for them, is a give and take process. They will go all out in showering you with love, care, and attention, but please don’t forget to do the same. This is the best way to appreciate them.

As far as the emotional game goes, these mood shakers can be a little too dramatic. Don’t be surprised when they create a mountain out of a simple situation.

Sharing is one dominant feature of a Cancerian’s relationship—from sharing responsibilities to sharing memories, secrets, and ideas. They love talking about the future and making plans with their partners; for example, planning their wedding reception and babies’ names.

Widely known for their emotional inclination, sex also isn’t just something sexual to them. They love to make magic out of it. This is why they have to feel a deep connection with their partner to enjoy sex.

Shared activities such as enjoying a good meal together, talking about family and fond memories, and cuddling on the couch while seeing a romantic movie, can lead to a great make-out session.

Kissing is one of their favorite sexual activities because it creates a space for them to express feelings without actually saying them (and maybe eye contact does magic too). They also love oral sex (you get to say the unspoken orally if you get what I mean).

However, if you are a Cancer native, be careful about how much of your emotions you allow to shape your decisions. Don’t find yourself making decisions in the name of love that will be later regretted.

Although you cannot always predict what love brings, the most compatible sign for the Cancer native is Taurus. And of course, the three water signs (Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces) will make peaceful partners.

However, the opposite sign, Aquarius is the most incompatible as it’s difficult for them to become one. Sagittarius or Libra are also less compatible.

Cancer: Friends and Family

For Friends: One friend you will never regret having is the Cancer friend. You cannot get over the sense of mystery around their ability to understand you and your emotions.

Although they are quite social and open to making new contacts, they basically keep a small friendship circle.

When you cannot keep that feeling or thought to yourself, it is best to unburden them at their feet. Be assured you’re in the best hands because you will be passionately listened to and sympathized with.

Cancer friends are well-loved for their devotion and motherly nature. Don’t be pissed by how caring they are. It’s who they are. This strong interest in their friends can’t be helped.

Although they are great friends to keep, their mood swings and temperament can cause a series of unnecessary disputes in the relationship. What you need to do is understand that their mood is not permanent; wait it out patiently.

For Family: Cancer natives are your typical family person. Possessing great respect for family values, they diligently preserve family memories, devote quality time to family affairs, and protect their loved ones.

No one is happier when at home and in the comfort of family. They are home lovers who also love cooking. Never will they prefer food ordered to home-cooked meals.

They believe strongly in the permanence of marriage and will do whatever it takes to make theirs last. Most times, they take up the giver roles and make sacrifices for loved ones.

As parents, these natives are caring and, of course, loving. They understand their children’s feelings and make them feel secure at home. Even when their children are miles away from them, they know how they feel.

However, the Cancer child might not cope well with the outside world. As a parent, you need to fill their days with love and care, and also understand them.

Cancer: Career and Money

When the Cancer native learns to overcome shyness and also becomes a pro at separating his sentiments from work, they will become more successful.

Being good at reading people and understanding them, the Cancer native is well-loved and respected. This is especially because they devote time to helping their colleagues nurture their careers.

They just can’t hide their motherly nature. As a boss, if they notice the great potential in a worker, they will dig into it and mine it. This will be transformed into gold or diamonds! They bring your creative ideas to life.

However, these people perform better when working alone than with others. So definitely, they would rather play the solo man than be a team player.

Although these people are committed to doing their best at work, and can even sacrifice their leisure to see to this, they would rather not be bossed around. In a heartbeat, a Cancerian would rather choose to be the boss than the employee.

As said earlier, one trait that can work against the Cancer native is their emotions. At work, they often bring in sentimentality. This will affect the project at hand as it might be done shabbily because they do not agree with the boss or something of the sort.

Also, mood swings can reduce their productivity. On days, when their emotions are on the low, will reflect on the job done. They definitely don’t know how to curb their emotions. On happier days, expect great performance.

You might expect these crabs to be like the money-obsessed Mr. Krab from Sponge Bob. However, it is quite the opposite. Cancerians do not place so much value on wealth and fortune.

Fortunately, though, they have good money hands and can easily attract wealth. No wonder they are called the money sign.

Not given to excessive spending, they ensure financial security. Usually, they save a lot and invest it, patiently watching these investments germinate and grow.

More often than not, they are put in charge of household funds. You can be sure they will keep the money and care for it like a child (they will mother anything), so it is in safe hands.

Some great career choices for these folks include psychology, psychiatry, nursing, housekeeping, politicians, gardeners, teachers, and decorators. The list goes on though.

Cancer and Their Health

Known for their love for food, they find it difficult to control their weight, which could lead to obesity. The Cancer natives’ explosive emotions can often get them depressed. Food becomes a means of dealing with it.

As a water sign, these crabs are drawn to water. They are big on self-care and bathing. Water is seen as an escape route from reality. It is very likely that they will also overindulge in wine and alcohol.

One thing they most often face is mental stress. Prone to anxiety, paranoia, and tension, they constantly face emotional stress, which, of course, affects their health.

These folks have a high risk of suffering from respiratory problems and other illnesses affecting areas like the breasts, chest muscles, stomach, lungs, and pancreas.

Cancer natives enjoy outdoor exercises and long walks. In addition, meditation and yoga help Cancers cool their tensed emotions. They need to watch their weight and avoid excess sweets.

You and The Cancer Woman

If you are looking for a love map to the heart of the Cancer woman, the first thing you should know is that she is oriented-family. Possessing an inborn motherly trait, and known to be a homemaker, she is the kind of woman you date for keeps.

Although she is likely to fall in love quickly, you need to make the first move to seduce her. She is feminine and romantic.

This woman brings with her a total support system package. She will be your umbrella on rainy days. When you feel down, you don’t have to run to the bar; go home to find comfort.

Simply put, the Cancer woman understands her man and is a good listener. She is loving and caring. You are likely to overdose on these, so get ready.

However, this feminine Cancerian needs to learn the difference between love and mothering. This is because she might find herself being more of a mother to her partner than a lover. She needs to keep it balanced.

The Cancer woman needs to feel secure in the relationship and be sure she can trust her partner. Being an emotionally sensitive person, she is very clingy to her boo. Rest assured that her eyes only see you.

Do take time to flirt around with her because she isn’t your shallow woman in sex. On the contrary, sex for her is more of an emotional affair. The goal is to feel loved, and in return, she expresses her emotions in sex.

You must learn to keep her like an egg because she is sensitive and fragile. Once she comes out from her shell because of you, do not betray the trust because it takes an eternity to forgive.

When you talk about the drama queen, the Cancer woman tops the list. She can throw unnecessary tantrums and create a scene out of little things. Don’t be frightened though. Just treat her like a lady and pamper her at such times.

Her mood swings might seem like a red flag to you, but if you are patient and understanding, you are good to go. Have a nice time showing her as much love during such times.

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You and The Cancer Man

Don’t expect to see the male Cancer initiate a relationship very often. Like the crab, he is shy and hides in his shell. If you are bold enough, make the first move.

He falls in love easily but would prefer to go around the bend rather than come up straight at you. So if you don’t have the patience to wait (and it can feel like forever), please do the honors.

When they get into a relationship, they tend to be too protective of their woman. Always willing to be the caregiver, he would make a great father and husband.

For the Cancer man, family is a priority. Nothing else tops his chart. He wants to feel loved and needed by his partner and searches for the ideal wife and mother. When she is found, he stays right there.

The family is his place of comfort. He fancies spending time with family and partner. This means lots of fun for his partner because he possesses a great sense of humor.

Although he is masculine, he is a softie at heart. This means you have got yourself an affectionate and understanding partner who will go to any length to please and make you feel loved.

When he shows you love, don’t forget to give compliments, because he loves being praised. The Cancer man will stay faithful to you, but try to show him as much love in return.

When they said the way to a man’s heart is his belly, the Cancer man was at the back of their mind (or is it the front?). If you want to win your Cancer man over, prepare yummy meals. He loves food and will love you all the more if you make good meals.

Your children are in safe hands if you choose to marry a Cancer man. They are attentive, loving, and patient. This type of father loves to make his children feel loved and needed. He will spend time after work asking them how their day went.

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Cancer: Famous Personalities

Some famous and remarkable personalities born under these sun signs are Selena Gomez, Princess Diana, Nicole Scherzinger, Priyanka Chopra, Elon Musk, Kristen Bell, Solange Knowles, Ariana Grande, Jaden Smith, and Tom Cruise.

Scan through this list and you will see some great emotional personalities who fought their way to success. And aren’t they just charming?

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