Leo Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Career, Health and More

Leos are famously said to rule the Zodiac. Represented by the Lion, they are strong, confident, and love to lead the pack. The fire sign makes them burn and shine bright. You would not find a Leo native undercover, they habit the limelight. Anyone born between July 23- August 22 falls under this Zodiac sign.

Like lions, they are proud and glory in their strength. They would often roar about themselves as the whole world revolves around them. If their wild sides are not tamed, Leos can come off as being arrogant and self-absorbed.

When the Leo lover has found the so-called one, do not expect him or her to keep it on the low. If possible, they would go up the rooftop and scream it out. Their relationship status is on display and they love it. Definitely, the Leo native will survive celebrity life.

Leos won’t fancy behind the scene jobs. They will rather take the front line and fit perfectly into career roles like presenting comedy, CEO, and singing. That’s where their light shines brightest.

Dates July 23 – August 22
Element Fire
Ruler The Sun
Modality Fixed
Zodiac house The Fifth House
Day of the week Sunday
Body parts Back, spine, and the heart
Birthstone Peridot
Lucky numbers 8, 9
Symbol The Lion
Dominant Keyword I Will

Personality Traits of Leo Zodiac Sign

Ruled by the Sun, the Leo native shines; his talents and charisma burst forth like ripened fruits. You can always find them trying to steal the crowds’ attention, and they always succeed.

However, They should not feel entitled to things like praises and commendations. We get that they deserve it but it shouldn’t get them sulky when things don’t go as planned. This could push away friends who would see it as greed.

Sometimes, you should try stepping back and letting others steer the wheel. You’d be surprised at what you discover, and the wealth of knowledge the experience will bring to you.

Leo: Positive Personality Traits

Leo natives are very animated individuals. Full of energy and life, they are passionate and enthusiastic about whatever interests them. Their cat eyes spark with the fire of passion and believe me when I say you cannot stop them till they achieve the goal.

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As goal-getters and hunters, they chase after the game with precision. Most times, they lead the pack and make sure focus is not lost. Feeling dispirited? Leos will humor you through and soon, you will be surprised at how much you have achieved.

They possess a rare dose of self-confidence. Their eyes never drop for anyone. No one is too big an opponent. In fact, these guys live to conquer.

Not only are they confident, but also bold. You would less likely find Leos doing the listening. They would rather take the mic and talk their hearts out, whether you want to hear it or not. Leo natives are born entertainers and they don’t lack jokes to tell so you are in good company.

If you have that one person that is noticed before anyone else, It is most probably a Leo native. The spotlight suits them well, and they feel good when in front, and it’s like they rule the world.

The lion’s heart is as big as itself. This makes Leos a very generous set of people. They would attend to your needs in a heartbeat, especially when you need a piece of advice. The sage lion will shower you with words of wisdom.

One thing Leos cannot stand is boredom. Being expressive, they do not fit into ordinary and humdrum environments. You will find them in clubs, at parties, and playing fun games instead of sitting alone, meditating.


Leo: Negative Personality Traits

Too much of anything is dangerous and this holds the same for the Lions. Their attention-seeking can make them self-centered individuals. At some point, they begin to see so much of themselves that they can’t see anyone else.

Their flamboyant lifestyle might reflect them as proud folks. Although this is just who they are, the show-off doesn’t say much good about them. It will irritate lowlier people.

In an attempt to achieve flamboyance, Leos spend excessively. This might not feel like a big deal to them until they run out of cash and must keep up with the flashy living (their ego wouldn’t let them mellow).

As a fixed sign, Leos can be quite inflexible and unchanging. Although this is them being opinionated, it can drag on to stubbornness. These Lions find it difficult to accept defeat.

Their confidence could also rub off in the wrong way. What they see as them being confident enough to express themselves, might turn out to be aggressiveness. Leo natives need to learn to tame their tongues.

Sometimes, they can be overbearing with their constant need for praise and the limelight. Their friends can easily feel intimidated, feeling like a backdrop. Leos are tough guys to bear with.

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Leo in Love and Relationship

Burning like the sun, these guys are passionate lovers. They do not joke about it and definitely do not mince words. Leos are sincere with their feelings and show them with ease.

Although their charismatic nature makes them look flirty, they are actually loyal partners who give their all to making the relationship work out.

However, they always take the lead in the relationship. Female Leos will subtly take the reins. Their instinct to lead still guides them through their relationships. Try hard not to leave your partner behind.

Their self-centered nature can make them tire out their partner with excessive talks about themselves and less focus on their partners. As much as they seek the spotlight, they should dance with their partners in it.

In love, they are dramatic. Expect your Leo lover to go around showing you off like real diamonds to his friends, family, and whoever cares to listen. Leos go for PDA and will spam social media with pictures, kiss in public, and hold hands while strolling.

The Leo native wants to be felt. They do not like to feel invisible but instead love to be appreciated by their partners, and acknowledged. You are sure to get many reasons to be appreciative. If not for anything, just because they leave you rolling like a ball of laughter with their funny remarks.

Despite being self-centered in their own way, these folks shower their partners with love. They are generous and give their best. Leos take pride in the looks of their partner so they do all possible to make sure they look amazing.

Having a strong and confident Leo partner keeps you in safe hands. They are very protective of their partners and quite possessive too.

They are attracted to people who share similar energy. They choose partners who are self-aware, reasonable, and can express themselves. Their partners need to have similar intellectual capacities.

Leo natives know the difference between sex and love, and they express both well. They are sexually expressive and fancy sex a lot. The Leo lovers are romantic, taking their partners on mind-blowing dates and fancy places.

Besides the fire signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius), Leo is also most compatible with the air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Not only do Leos and the fire signs match with heat and passion, but also they are compatible with the air signs’ fast-energy and dynamic personalities.

However, it is more difficult to cope with the reserved water signs (Pisces and Scorpio) who have quite contrasting personalities. In addition, the nature of the earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo) are down-to-earth that does not lead them to the glitz and drama Leos crave.

Leo: Career and Money

Born leaders, Leo natives most often take up leadership roles at work. One of their weaknesses is working on a team. However, when they work their way around doing so, it is a great experience.

Their social skills place them high as well. Helping them maneuver their way and fit as great leaders. The Leo native hates being bossed around and so, will most often want to own a business or be self-employed.

Having the strength of a lion, they are strong, energetic, and hardworking. They do not relent when they take up a task. In fact, these folks relish the process of goal-reaching. Their ambitious nature pushes them to hit targets.

When successful or having achieved their goals, they love being applauded for their success by friends and co-workers. Certainly, some of their best days are those when they are put in the spotlight, and commended by their boss for their contributions.

They are fearless. They do not flinch from a confrontation or challenge. If peradventure, they fail, they spring back up quickly, facing defeat bravely.

These fun-loving people can easily get bored working alone so they do better in group enterprises where they can relate with others, and if given the chance, narrate their life stories.

They love a luxurious life and enjoy being rich. They show off by dressing flamboyantly, going on expensive vacations, eating in luxurious restaurants, etc. Their status is written all over them.

However, they save and invest because they know its value. But once Leos achieve a level of comfortability, they stop saving and even might stop working and rest, trying to get the best out of life.

Leo natives do well at jobs that give them the opportunity to express themselves and lead as well. Such suitable career choices include; acting, teaching, law, performing, politics, public speaking, and counseling.

Other favorable career paths for the Leo native are being a CEO, where they can lead, being a human rights activist. It is a good way to channel their energy. Dancing or any other art field goes well with them too.

Leo: Friendships and Family

For Friends: Leos are among the popular people so they have a variety of friends, and their friend base is large(you will rarely find them alone). However, they just have a few close friends who know them best. More like their secret sharing buddies.

With friends, they are faithful and loyal. Even when it has been years since they last saw, the bond remains. Trust them to have thousands of stories to update you on.

As usual, they take the lead in friendship and expect everything to be about them. Placing great value on appreciation, their ego is hurt when not appreciated by friends. Unfortunately, they are equally too proud to voice this out.

Leo natives are compassionate. They are swept with the need to help others, especially friends. Also, their lips do not lack advice. They dish them out, sometimes, unsolicited (can be really pissing sometimes).

These lions are like a stronghold, wanting to always protect their friends from any possible danger. So next time you want someone to follow you for a fight, drag your Leo friend along. They’d be glad to tag along.

When choosing friends, it’s the energy that attracts them. They are fascinated by people who have similar charisma and strength of character, enthusiastic and fierce.

For Family:  Although family might not come first for them, they will do anything to protect them. Also, as much as possible, they spoil their family with love and material things.

  • Leo children need to be given lots of attention, with caution though. They tend to seek independence quite early, wanting to spread their wings and live life to the fullest. Yet, they are proud of their roots in the good and bad days.
  • Leo parents love their children and love to play with them. They work hard at developing their talents, supporting them all the way. They take pride in this and boast about their children’s achievements.

Leo and Health

The body parts under this sign are the upper back, forearms, wrists, spine, and heart.

Leos are known for longevity; they live long. Most often, they also do not easily fall sick. However, they are prone to high fever and accidental injuries. Also, when sickness does come, they have the strength to recover fast.

Being fitness freaks, Leo natives exercise frequently. Nevertheless, they need to pay careful attention to their food choices.

They choose luxury all the time so they spend time in a trendy cycling class, barre class, or could choose to work out alone.

They should be careful to not overwork themselves for any reason because it can cause back and spine pains. Leo natives should try taking regular breaks from the busy and noisy life so it won’t wear them out.

Their ego should also be kept in check because getting emotionally hurt too often would leave them stressed out. This is not good for their health.

You and Leo Woman

The Leo woman is an attractive sensual lady. When in love, she lets her husband dominate as it is all the same to her. However, she is an independent woman with her rights. This lioness is most times inflexible and wants things done in her own way.

Although when married, her world revolves around her man, don’t be deceived, you need to put on your praising shoes because you are in for a lifetime of compliments. She just can’t live without it.

Being an egotistical creature, she loves to be decorated with praises and admiration for her virtues and beauty. Being the leader of the pack, she protects and provides for it. More reasons why she deserves accolades.

She does not participate in love challenges because she does not like failing. Of course, this will hurt her pride. And that is the lioness’s thickest crown.

She completely gives into marriage and is a strong wife, loving and faithful. Thus Leo woman tries to thrive in marriage though she tends to be self-centered and tries to realize self-set goals.

Never try to take away the spotlight from her. Let her bask in it. The Leo woman needs a partner who understands her. Someone, she can share her excitement with. She needs a man who worships her (in a positive way) because she is the queen.

You can never catch your Leo woman being unnecessarily jealous. She is confident in herself and has such great esteem that she cannot be intimidated by any woman. No one is better than she is.

Although she is opinionated, she is open to learning new things, especially regarding sex. Her sex life is full of adventure. And yes, if you need that intelligent partner who will constantly feed you with advice. Pick her.

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You and Leo Man

The Leo man is an amazing species. He readily falls in love, although this takes him time. However, he finds it hard to let go of a relationship even when it has ended.

This guy sees love in a grandeur picture – full of drama and passion. If you want a quiet relationship, you probably should rethink choosing a Leo partner because he is going to show you off.

When with his friends, he will talk endlessly about his relationship. Leo never forgets to show his woman around and flood his status and timeline with lovely pictures.

The Lion is tamed in love. He is kind, sensitive, and vulnerable. The Leo man needs to be shown love and praised by his woman. You need to be able to feed his ego with compliments and comments. Say something nice to him very often.

Also, he goes for a partner who can boast about his abilities and strengths. He never winds up with a woman who has low self-esteem, but he wants a strong and willful woman so the passion can flow.

Dating a Leo man is a lot of work but you will be very compensated through his generosity. He loves a woman who is confident and dresses impressively and he can spend at length to make sure his wife is outstanding.

He is honest and loyal. He never lies because of fear but if he does, it is because he does not want to deal with the consequences of his actions.

There is no dull moment with this guy. He will fill your days with laughter and happiness. He will do his best to be your hero as long as you prove worthy of his love.

If you are dating a Leo man, be open and free. Sexual communication is vital to him. Do not fear, he will make every sexual moment worth it, his creative mind does not run dry of new sexual ideas.

Leo: Famous Personalities

Some famous personalities born under this Zodiac sign are Barack Obama, Sandra Bullock, Chris Hemsworth, Shawn Mendes, Jennifer Lopez, Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Moss, Charlize Theron, Kylie Jenner, and Daniel Radcliffe.

These guys own the spotlight, from entertainment to leadership. Their shoes walk the path of determination and like the sun, they shine and dazzle.

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