Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Money, Health and More

The Scorpio zodiac, represented by the Scorpion, has a rich blend of influencers. Pluto – the destroyer – gives them the power of rebirth. Mars makes them brave and determined.

While the fixed modality means the Scorpio native is unflinching and difficult to move, the water sign makes them free-flowing individuals, the water purifying and rejuvenating. Anybody born between October 23 – November 21 falls under this Zodiac.

Friendship for them is a core relationship. They are always intentional about their choice of friends. They go for people who will be valuable to them, and vice versa. When one is found, you can be sure they won’t let go.

The emotional capacity of Scorpios is fully explored in love relationships. They go all out and let their guards down because after their perfection-seeking eyes find the right partner, they want it to last.

They are suckers for competition. Every day is a challenge for them, and this plays out at work too. They roll their sleeves and take up any challenge that comes their way. Each task is taken up to win.

Dates October 23 – November 21
Element Water
Ruler Pluto and Mars
Modality Fixed
Zodiac house The Eighth House
Day of the week Tuesday
Body parts The Genitals
Birthstone Topaz
Lucky numbers 2 and 4
Symbol The Scorpion
Dominant Keyword I Desire

The Personality Traits Of Scorpio

Scorpios are fierce, determined, and brave. This, coupled with creativity and a wealth of ideas, helps them reach their goals. They are driven by the need to show that they are the best at everything they do.

Beneath the hard skin, these natives are very emotional creatures. Emotions rule over most aspects of their lives and so, if you find yourself on their grudge list, get ready to be stung because even betrayal is felt too strongly.

However, on the good side of this is their ability to love deeply. Once they learn to trust you, your home is built in their hearts, of course, that’s if you are careful enough not to poke a hole in the wall. So the Scorpio friend is a long-haul friend.

Scorpio: Positive Personality Traits

Don’t judge the Scorpion by its size. These people are powerful and strong, especially mentally. Where their emotions make them vulnerable, they have their stings as a wall of defense.

Possessing 24/7 ticking brains, they are light bulbs. They have a great wealth of ideas and are very imaginative. When you see them silently ruminating in the face of a challenge, trust them to come up with a fair enough solution.

Scorpio natives are independent, standing on their two feet bravely. Passion and strength will shove them towards success. They never back down in the middle of projects or goals. When they leave the starting line, their eyes are set on the finish line, and finishing strong they will.

Smartass and brainy, their introspective ability gives them great insight into human behavior. This does them good in charming others and defeating their potential opponents.

This Pluto ruled Zodiac is drenched in emotions. Although they might seem tough, Scorpios are very emotional. They will hide it under a thick exterior till you earn their trust. In love, their emotions lead the heart.

If there’s anyone that will spit into your eyes for lying, it’s the Scorpio native. They have a strong aversion to lies. As a matter of fact, they would not lie to you for any reason. They would rather come off as harsh than tell lies.

Their perfect memory makes it difficult for them to forget details. As such, when someone does a favor, they appreciate and make it a point of duty to repay the kindness

Scorpio: Negative Personality Traits

Scorpios are known to be full of passion but highly sensitive creatures. This also extends to their darker side as well. They appear unapproachable and mysterious but they are actually hiding their insecurities. They don’t trust anyone even the person closest to them.

These Scorpions always question your faithfulness and put others under the microscope for a long time to gain their trust. This may help them protect their emotions but make people who love them wholeheartedly be hurt.

Being a deep water sign, Scorpio’s fixed water element is associated with emotions to the point of extreme. For them, the world has only 2 colors – love or hate. In love, they are dedicated and loyal to their partners. But if betrayed, they will raise their poison-filled stinger becoming wicked and ruthless.

Moreover, they will never forgive when someone hurts them, even if that has been a long time. They hold grudges, make plans, and attack finally. Actually, revenge can’t make their lives better, they have to sacrifice their peace of mind and damaged mental health.

Finally, Scorpios are masters in manipulation. This derives from their suspiciousness, lack of confidence, and demand for loyalty. Therefore, they use tricks to control others and force you to put them on the top. They become selfish because Scorpios would rather disappoint others than hurt themselves.

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Scorpio in Love and Relationship

Maybe you expect these emotional bunnies to also be love birds, they sure are. However, they take time to make the careful decision of breaking down the barriers and opening their arms to love.

Sometimes Scorpios play hard to get, especially because they want to be sure they can trust the sincerity of the person’s feelings. However, when they learn to trust their partner, the short term isn’t on their agenda. It is long-term or nothing.

They are loving and loyal partners. When they have found their dream partners, they commit themselves to the relationship, devoting time and energy to grow it.

Scorpio natives are known to take their time in finding partners. Being calculative people, they watch carefully, looking for the Mr. or Mrs Perfect. Even in love, they crave perfection.

These folks stick to their mysterious nature. This makes it difficult to read them. They often rely on expressing themselves through body language as a means of communication. This does not mean they are dishonest though, just secretive.

You can bet that their emotions drive them in love. They love with their hearts and not their heads. This can be a lot but is also great because you will find in them a loving and generous partner.

On the negative side, their emotions could leave them susceptible to jealousy and possessiveness. These folks seek security in relationships because they are bringing everything to the table. The Scorpio native will want to secure his treasures.

Their want for domination encroaches even into the relationship. They could become controlling and this would make the relationship toxic.

If you have plans to date a Scorpio, be careful to not undermine their stinging power. They never forget the harm done, and so, if you betray or badly scar their feelings, prepare yourself for their wrath and vengeance. It is certain to come.

Although you cannot completely predict what love can spurn, with Scorpios, the most compatible Zodiacs are the earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. They share similar fixedness and calmness. On the other hand, they are suitable for water signs like Cancer and Pisces because they could understand the deep emotion of their mate.

The most likely incompatible sign is the air sign (Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra) who are quite impulsive and adventurous. They will find it a difficult task to keep up with them.

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Scorpio: Career And Money

Scorpios are evaluative and analytical beings. They work with precision and aim for perfection. If you meet the Scorpio boss, you will know it’s difficult to please him. You need to work vehemently to meet his expectations.

At work, they are determined and dedicated. Especially when it’s a job that puts their energy to use, they will be passionate about it. Scorpio natives’ emotions bring life to their work. Nevertheless, it’s good that they learn how to separate sentiments from work affairs.

They cannot thrive at boring and uncompetitive jobs. They cannot survive without competing so they need to constantly be challenged and constantly challenge others. Each task to them is a challenge. This makes them successful at almost everything, as long as they are passionate about it.

However, Scorpios would most often stick to a job as their fixed nature demands. This is as long as there are greater heights to attain and an unending flow of competition. Once they can derive excitement in competing with others, there’s no shaking them.

There’s almost nothing like an impossible barrier for them. When there’s a hitch, they will work out solutions with their imaginative and creative minds. It’s easy for them to find a way around achieving their goals. They don’t back down easily.

Always looking at their colleagues as competitors who need to be defeated, Scorpio natives will easily become jealous when their colleagues are earning better than they, especially when they believe it is not deserved or that they are doing much better.

Scorpios are conservative with money although when they earn, it is spent as easily because they want to get whatever their eyes are on. However, they save a lot and earn well because of their dedication to work and hard work as well.

Some career paths that they can gracefully fit into are therapy, stockbroking, research, astrology, any art area (their imaginative and creative mind will bring beautiful works.

Teaching, Criminology, psychology, medicine, and therapy will suit them too. Their love for perfection and their vast human understanding will make a great skill set here.

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Scorpio: Friendships and Family

For Friendship: Loyalty and honesty are the Scorpion’s watchword in friendship. They are faithful to their friends and demand as much honesty as they give, which is, point-blank honesty.

Although they are friendly with a lot of people, their friend list is short. Their friendships span for a lifetime, or at least a long term. Also, Scorpios go for friends who will add value to them. They build meaningful relationships.

Want a friend who won’t sell your secrets over a shot of liquor? Scorpio natives will keep your secrets, being secretive themselves. They also expect the relationship to be open and built on trust.

These jealous folks do not vibe well with their friends’ friends and you can guess why. They are possessive of their friends and get jealous when someone else is sharing the slot with them.

However, Scorpio natives are friends in need and indeed. It is not easy for them to make friends but when they do, it is guaranteed that they will pour their love into it.

For Family: Trust the Scorpio native to give loyalty and dedication to family relationships. They view family as important and a priority. The Scorpion dedicates himself to his family.

As children, Scorpios grow very attached to their families. They make obedient children and seek advice from parents. However, their stoic nature could make them somewhat stubborn, out of the need to stand their ground.

Their parents appear to be strict though they have so much love to offer their children. Proper upbringing is a core concern for them and they could become overprotective, not giving their children enough space to breathe.

Ironically, they encourage their kids to be independent. The Scorpio mother builds strong bonds with the rest of the family. She understands her children and can sense their emotional state. She is a family woman.

They are observers and they act as the family detectives, noticing everyone’s mood and their emotional dispensation. They understand and appreciate family relationships.

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Scorpio and Health

As this Zodiac house rules the reproductive and lymphatic system, and the body fluids, these Scorpions are sensitive to the environment and could easily get urinary infections, disorders, and illnesses related to the sex organs.

Other illnesses they are susceptible to are those affecting the lungs, throat, intestines, and prostate gland. They need to watch what they eat, and how they live.

However, they get around recuperating real fast when met with health challenges. Water cleanses them and purifies them. Fresh air does a lot of good for the Scorpio native.

Scorpios easily pick up negativity from others, especially by being jealous. This is because they are highly emotional and thus when in a negative mood, it could affect them badly. These people need to learn how to curtail their emotions.

The drive to succeed and conquer could leave the Scorpion sore and tired. They should avoid stressors, which for them is most often the never-ending search for competition.

You and Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is highly sensual and emotional. She is quite irresistible as she is a strong independent woman. Her man has every reason to take pride in her.

Loyalty is what she gives and seeks in return. Relationship for her is not trial and error, but a devoted course so expect her to take her time when saying yes to you. Although she loves the chase, it’s more because she doesn’t want to make wrong choices.

However, her secretive and mysterious nature will make her hide some parts of herself from you. You should let the Scorpio woman work at her pace. Don’t rush things or you will watch her turn her back on you. With time she will open up like a flower in bloom.

This Scorpio belle loves physical touch and fancies sex. Love is very important to her and her charm can attract lots of men, but don’t be scared. She is faithful and honest.

Unable to control the depths of her emotions, the Scorpio woman can become extremely jealous, and then possessive. If you choose to be in a relationship with her, do not leave any hiding spots. Make sure she has no reason to feel insecure.

She never gives up on anything. Her watchword is “quitters are losers” so you have got yourself a determined woman. She will bring this competitive spirit to the relationship, will want to have the upper hand, so watch out.

When there’s conflict, she doesn’t know how best to handle it. In fact, her nature is to be vengeful and resentful. Make sure you fix things with her or you will see the relationship crash.

One beautiful thing about her is the love she has to offer. This lady will protect her partner and relationship with everything she has. No one messes with her man and she is ready to do anything to fight back. Remember the Scorpion’s sting.

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You and Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is defensive. He builds a wall around himself because he doesn’t want to get hurt. However, he is sensitive and emotional.

His sensitivity will make it difficult for him to leave a relationship because when he is in, he becomes clingy. So for him, it becomes you or nothing. If the Scorpio man doesn’t get what he wants, he could end up bitter and resentful, especially if you break his trust.

When in love, he knows what he wants and goes for it. This might take some time but he keeps an open approach and doesn’t hide things, except those he chooses to keep to himself, which makes him mysterious.

Winning a woman over for him is a challenge and he sets out to win. The Scorpio man goes for a woman that can stand firm and yet, be submissive. She needs to be trustworthy as this man has no patience for watery affairs.

Jealousy could make him possessive of his partner. He needs to be assured that his partner’s feelings are true. You will be surprised at what length he could go to keep his woman. The Scorpio man could devise manipulative means just to be sure she stays by him.

He also takes the lead in the relationship, dominates, and controls too. However, you should not let him always have his way with this because it could leave you powerless.

When you have him with you, be sure you have little worries because he will do all he can to make you happy. This man is protective of his woman and makes a wonderful father.

The Scorpion’s emotional sensitivity can make him vulnerable to mood swings that is why sometimes it feels like he is detached. He needs time to focus on one thing at a time and cool off.

During sex, the Scorpio man does not rush through. He takes his time to plan out his moves and works perfectly. Sex with him is a nice adventure.

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Famous Scorpio People

Some well-known personalities born under this Zodiac sign are Albert Camus, Emma Stone, Drake, Ryan Reynolds, Hillary Clinton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Bill Gates, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Maria Antoniette, and Kendall Jenner.

These personalities are notable for their determination and competitive spirit, lined with passion and emotional dexterity.

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