Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Money, Health and More

The Scorpio zodiac, represented by the Scorpion, has a rich blend of influencers. Pluto – the destroyer – gives them the power of rebirth. Mars makes them brave and determined.

While the fixed modality means the Scorpio native is unflinching and difficult to move, the water sign makes them free-flowing individuals, the water purifying and rejuvenating. Anybody born between October 23 – November 21 falls under this Zodiac.

Friendship for them is a core relationship. They are always intentional about their choice of friends. They go for people who will be valuable to them, and vice versa. When one is found, you can be sure they won’t let go.

The emotional capacity of Scorpios is fully explored in love relationships. They go all out and let their guards down because after their perfection-seeking eyes find the right partner, they want it to last.

They are suckers for competition. Every day is a challenge for them, and this plays out at work too. They roll their sleeves and take up any challenge that comes their way. Each task is taken up to win.

This article will explore Scorpio’s personality, love life, friendships, family dynamic, career life, health, and some key attributes between Scorpio women and Scorpio men. Let’s go!

Dates October 23 – November 21
Element Water
Ruler Pluto and Mars
Modality Fixed
Zodiac house The Eighth House
Day of the week Tuesday
Body parts The Genitals
Birthstone Topaz
Lucky numbers 2 and 4
Symbol The Scorpion
Dominant Keyword I Desire

The Personality Traits Of Scorpio

Scorpio people are one of the most unique signs in the zodiac. They’re authentically themselves but also tend to hide aspects of themselves from others.

Beneath the hard skin, these natives are very emotional creatures. Emotions rule over most aspects of their lives and so, if you find yourself on their grudge list, get ready to be stung because even betrayal is felt too strongly.

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Sometimes, this sign is only highlighted for their negative attributes, but Besides, they also have many other positive points that are worth exploring.

Scorpio: Positive Personality Traits

Scorpio people are passionate about life, their interests, and the unknown. This passion stems from the emotional depth that allows them to create feelings within themselves that most other people aren’t able to cultivate.

When Scorpios have an interest or a subject they find passionate about, they will learn as much as possible about it. They can lose themselves in their projects, pushing them as deep into the subject as they can go to learn anything and everything.

Scorpio people have an abundance of energy because their internal world is as deep and powerful as the ocean. They are like an ocean’s tides under the full moon, rising and crashing, guided completely by their emotions and feelings.

One of Scorpio’s ruling planets is Pluto, which causes them to experience frequent periods of re-birth and transformation. You may see this manifest in them experiencing extreme enteral life changes, or they may even subconsciously cause these changes as they enjoy the process of metamorphosis.

These intense emotions also create a very ambitious individual who has more than they need inside of them to achieve their goals and obtain their desires. As long as a Scorpio person dedicates themselves to a goal, nothing is standing in the way of them achieving it other than themselves.

Scorpio’s intuitive abilities are unmatched. They have an instinct and understanding of energy that is far beyond many of the other zodiac signs. It’s very difficult to trick and withhold information from these water signs. Therefore, if there’s anyone that will spit into your eyes for lying, it’s the Scorpio native.


Scorpio: Negative Personality Traits

Scorpios are known to be full of passion but highly sensitive creatures. This also extends to their darker side as well. They appear unapproachable and mysterious, but they are actually hiding their insecurities. They don’t trust anyone, even the person closest to them.

These Scorpions always question your faithfulness and put others under the microscope for a long time to gain their trust. This may help them protect their emotions but make people who love them wholeheartedly be hurt.

Being a deep water sign, Scorpio’s fixed water element is associated with emotions to the point of extreme. For them, the world has only 2 colors – love or hate. In love, they are dedicated and loyal to their partners. But if betrayed, they will raise their poison-filled stinger, becoming wicked and ruthless.

Moreover, they will never forgive when someone hurts them, even if that has been a long time. They hold grudges, make plans, and finally attack. Actually, revenge can’t make their lives better, they have to sacrifice their peace of mind and damaged mental health.

Finally, Scorpios are masters in manipulation. This derives from their suspiciousness, lack of confidence, and demand for loyalty. Therefore, they use tricks to control others and force you to put them on the top. They become selfish because Scorpios would rather disappoint others than hurt themselves.

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Scorpio in Love and Relationship

Maybe you expect these emotional bunnies to also be love birds, they sure are. However, they take time to make the careful decision of breaking down the barriers and opening their arms to love.

Scorpio natives are known to take their time in finding partners. Being calculative people, they watch carefully, looking for the Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. Even in love, they crave perfection.

Sometimes Scorpios play hard to get, especially because they want to be sure they can trust the sincerity of the person’s feelings. However, when they learn to trust their partner, the short term isn’t on their agenda. It is long-term or nothing.

They are loving and loyal partners. When they have found their dream partners, they commit themselves to the relationship, devoting time and energy to grow it.

These folks stick to their mysterious nature. This makes it difficult to read them. They often rely on expressing themselves through body language as a means of communication. This does not mean they are dishonest though, just secretive.

You can bet that their emotions drive them in love. They love with their hearts and not their heads. This can be a lot but is also great because you will find in them a loving and generous partner.

On the negative side, their emotions could leave them susceptible to jealousy and possessiveness. These folks seek security in relationships because they are bringing everything to the table. The Scorpio native will want to secure his treasures.

Their want for domination encroaches even into the relationship. They could become controlling and this would make the relationship toxic.

These water signs are very suspicious of others, often associating their actions with motives, reading their energy, and creating a darker narrative for people and experiences before getting to know them firsthand.

If you have plans to date a Scorpio, be careful to not undermine their stinging power. They never forget the harm done, and so, if you betray or badly scar their feelings, prepare yourself for their wrath and vengeance. It is certain to come.

Although you cannot completely predict what love can spurn, with Scorpios, the most compatible Zodiacs are the earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. They share similar fixedness and calmness. On the other hand, they are suitable for water signs like Cancer and Pisces because they could understand the deep emotion of their mate.

The most likely incompatible sign is the air sign (Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra) which tends to be changeable and free. Besides, they don’t match with the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) who are quite impulsive and adventurous. They will find it a difficult task to keep up with them.

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Scorpio: Career And Money

In their careers, Scorpios are very practical and approach their jobs from an analytical viewpoint. They use their intellect to plan out what they must do to achieve the status and success they desire. These water signs know they are capable of just about anything, so there is no fear of failure or surrounding their own abilities.

Failure doesn’t prevent them from working towards finding new solutions. In fact, this inspires them and teaches them new skills and understanding, helping them succeed even further in their career.

When it comes to money, Scorpios know how to make it, save it, and invest it. They are very financially intelligent and successful in their business ventures. Because of their financial intelligence, it’s common for these people to become very wealthy in their lives. Being in a relationship with Scorpios means you may become more financially responsible yourself and develop better spending habits.

Because of Scorpio’s tendency to experience periods of transformation, they may shift through different careers and job fields until they find one that truly resonates with them. Their passion can sometimes cause them to move in a direction that isn’t long-lived, and they must learn to redirect their focus and channel their passion into new realms.

They cannot thrive in boring and uncompetitive jobs. They cannot survive without competing so they need to constantly be challenged and constantly challenge others. Each task to them is a challenge. This makes them successful at almost everything, as long as they are passionate about it.

However, Scorpios should not look at their colleagues as competitors who need to be defeated. Scorpio natives will easily become jealous when their colleagues are earning better than they, especially when they believe it is not deserved or that they are doing much better.

Scorpios will work best in an environment that allows them to use their intuition, investigate, motivate, or utilize concepts of psychology. Because they can easily read other people’s emotions and motives, this allows them to easily climb to heights in their workplace because they know what subtle manipulation tactics are needed to reach their goals.

Scorpio: Friendships and Family

For Friendship: Loyalty and honesty are the Scorpion’s watchword in friendship. They are faithful to their friends and demand as much honesty as they give, which is, point-blank honesty.

Because Scorpios can sometimes be a bit reserved, they tend to have a few close friends with very intense relationships. They will have a close friendship that seems to cross the barriers between friendships and family. Once they reach this state, they can become very controlling over the life of their friends, thinking they know what’s best for them and trying to gain a sense of control over their choices and actions.

Want a friend who won’t sell your secrets over a shot of liquor? Scorpio natives will keep your secrets, being secretive themselves. They also expect the relationship to be open and built on trust.

These jealous folks do not vibe well with their friends’ friends and you can guess why. They are possessive of their friends and get jealous when someone else is sharing the slot with them.

For Family: In the family, Scorpios can be at the center of their household. As children, they are very attached to their family members, spending all their time with them, cherishing the strong connection and bond between them.

Because of their dedication and commitment, as young children, Scorpios can be very obedient and don’t tend to disobey their parents. When a Scorpio feels close to someone, they’ll value the advice and opinions they can offer. Scorpio children will ask their parents for advice and guidance, because they trust them, value them, and believe they have their best interest at heart.

There may be a few co-dependency issues early on that need to be broken in order for them to learn how to form relationships and connections with people outside of their household as they get older.

As parents, Scorpios are very strict because they believe keeping their children safe, secure, and close is the only way to ensure that they live healthy and successful lives. They will also raise their children with a lot of pressure, pushing them to be the best version of themselves.

Their children may feel smothered and unable to express themselves due to their Scorpio parent’s control over them. They can also have a balanced blend of hard and soft feelings, showing lots of love and affection, but still being strict and authoritative.

Scorpio and Health

Scorpio rules over the reproductive organs and hip regions of the body. This association is what allows them to amass sexual energy and desire. They are prone to experiencing urinary tract infections, issues with their sex organs, and venereal diseases, especially if they struggle with sexual addictions.

Thankfully, Scorpio’s energy is very high and abundant, and they are able to overcome many of the ailments they face. If they do experience a sickness, they are quick to recover and regenerate.

Due to their Mars (Ancient planet) rulership, they can experience issues within their blood, gallbladder, bile ducts, and bone marrow. Signs that their mars energy is out of balance are blood clotting, issues with joints, female cycle imbalances, hemorrhoids, and itching. For good health, Scorpio should stay hydrated, have easy cholesterol and foods that provide adequate amounts of zinc, and consume enough amino acids in their daily diet.

They should also make sure their home feels open, and peaceful, allowing them to establish a flow of energy around them. Spending time outside under the sun, breathing in the fresh air, and staying active are also essential for this water sign.

You and Scorpio Woman

If you find yourself in a relationship with a Scorpio woman, initially you will be drawn to their powerful aura. It seems these women have a sense of animal magnetism that draws you in, craving more of her beautiful energy. She feels like magic, unlike anyone you’ve ever been with before.

Loyalty is what she gives and seeks in return. Relationship for her is not trial and error, but a devoted course so expect her to take her time when saying yes to you. Although she loves the chase, it’s more because she doesn’t want to make wrong choices.

However, her secretive and mysterious nature will make her hide some parts of herself from you. You should let the Scorpio woman work at her pace. Don’t rush things or you will watch her turn her back on you. With time she will open up like a flower in bloom.

This Scorpio belle loves physical touch and fancies sex. Love is very important to her and her charm can attract lots of men, but don’t be scared. She is faithful and honest.

Unable to control the depths of her emotions, the Scorpio woman can become extremely jealous, and then possessive. If you choose to be in a relationship with her, do not leave any hiding spots. Make sure she has no reason to feel insecure.

You won’t have to worry about a Scorpio woman being there for you when you need them because they’ll protect you and nurture you before you can even ask. Her need to protect may cause her to overstep your boundaries, or become defensive when feels threatened by an outside party. Remember the Scorpion’s sting.

Scorpio people aren’t necessarily looking for a fling, flirting, or a one-night stand when it comes to a relationship. They value intimacy and a strong connection with their partners and may only want to open themselves up in this way to someone they have formed a true connection with first.

You and Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is a treasure, a lover who will come into your life and feel as if your fairy tale dreams have been answered. They possess to be very masculine, priding themselves in their power and determination. In a relationship, they’ll bring in the sense of passion that shows their partner just how much they desire them.

Behind that tough and dangerous cover is a soft heart afraid of being hurt. These water sign men are very sensitive, even if they pretend not to be. They will be easily hurt in arguments, lashing out, and when someone breaks their trust. So he tends to be in control and can sometimes become too dominated within the relationship, which makes them feel secure.

When people ask you what you see in your charming Scorpio man, you won’t be able to answer it because the mystery surrounding Scorpio drives everyone crazy. If you’ve ever dated a Scorpio guy, you know that Scorpio has an irresistible attraction. Even ugly, crazy Scorpios men can make other people do whatever they want, and they are satisfied with that.

Along with charisma, Scorpio men are also very skilled at understanding their partner’s needs. They look deep into their mate’s heart to know what they are thinking and feeling; from there, helping their mate get out of stagnating situations and change themselves for the better. So, if you don’t know how you feel today: Ask a Scorpio guy to give it a try!

Scorpio men are sex masters who always look for pleasure and new ways to please themselves and their partners. They cherish every each other’s words, eyes, movements, and sensitive points when they begin to “get intimate.” Although sex is also considered a rather private and secret topic, the more taboo something, the more they like it!

Famous Scorpio People

Some well-known personalities born under this Zodiac sign are Albert Camus, Emma Stone, Drake, Ryan Reynolds, Hillary Clinton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Bill Gates, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Maria Antoniette, and Kendall Jenner.

These personalities are notable for their determination and competitive spirit, lined with passion and emotional dexterity.

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