Aries Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Money and Health

Aries is the first of the astrological signs in the zodiac. It is believed to govern the period from the 21st of March to the 19th of April. It is a fire sign and is represented by the Ram.

To brief you on the Greek mythological gist, Phrixus the son of King Athamas is said to have fled on this ram to Colchis where he sacrificed the same ram to Zeus who placed it in the heavens as a constellation.

Some striking character traits are their optimism and leadership streak. They go through life with an “I am a conqueror” face. When in love, you could be dumbfounded by their recklessness.

However, their lives are like mirrors as they are outspoken and tend to hide nothing. This quality makes them loyal in their relationships with others. Combine optimism and competitiveness and you have a great leader.

Aries does well at work and with their fine character blend, wriggles through almost any situation and comes out successful.

Dates March 21 – April 19
Element Fire
Ruler Mars
Modality Cardinal
Zodiac house The first house
Day of the week Tuesday
Body parts Head
Gems Diamond
Lucky numbers 1, 8, 17
Symbol The Ram
Dominant Keyword I Am

The Personality Traits Of Aries

The Aries native draws a lot of energy from the fire sign. They never seem to get tired. Their courage, bravery, and determination are like that of a Ram. They never back down.

Being the first astrological sign, they are very needy and if you cannot be patient with them, you cannot tolerate them. A contrasting feature is their leadership ability. With them leading your team, you have little to worry about.

An Aries is a light bulb. With them, there are fewer bad days as their optimistic nature will keep them going. Watch out though, they often lose their temper. You do not want to be in that fix, trust me.

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Below are some negative and positive traits of an Aries native.

Aries: Positive Personality Traits

If you have met someone who rarely has droopy shoulders, he most likely is an Aries. As a rule, they do not let the bad days get to them. They rather employ their extraordinary energy to figure things out. Oh, and they are assertive. They do not let themselves be ridden around by anyone.

Those who are Aries are confident and courageous. Ruled by Mars, the god of war, they meet every battle with bravery. Although sometimes, there is really no conquest, their competitive mind pushes them to take on everything as a challenge.

They could wear you out with their “never be defeated” motto. Their competitive nature drives them to success and their optimism helps them rise when they fall. Such a beautiful blend.

They are passionate about every aspect of their lives. They never get detached but rather, bursting with enthusiasm. Their determination and curiosity help them break new ground.

One way to describe the honesty of Aries is that he has a low tolerance for lies. Do they care? No. They just let you have the words as they deem it fit to be dished. They are outspoken and would not withhold the thoughts running through their minds. They definitely aren’t your shy folks.

One beautiful part of them is their generous nature. They love helping people just so they can put a smile on their faces. You can only give what you have, and as hopeful people, they share this hope with others.


Aries: Negative Personality Traits

We often find that too much of everything is harmful, this plays out in Aries’ life. Their assertiveness can sometimes tilt towards aggressiveness, especially when they lose their temper, which is quite often, being short-tempered.

They act on impulse and speak without thinking which makes them reckless. They react too quickly before thinking of the consequences, and they should really take a chill pill.

Sometimes, being optimistic can leave us blind to the dangers ahead and this happens often to the optimistic Aries who is prone to take reckless risks, making wrong decisions.

An Aries native sees every situation as a competition and every person as a competitor. This stiffens relationships. It will be helpful if you understand that they feel insecure and so, they find security in proving themselves to be good enough.

Talking about Aries native and money, they have good luck with making money but just watch how quickly they spend it lavishly.

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Aries In Love And Relationship

If there’s a love train, an Aries native will jump on it without waiting for it to stop, not caring about the damages incurred.

They fall in love relatively quickly and go all in, with no armor, call it reckless passion! However, they have no fear whatsoever except that of losing the person they love.

They are passion-driven and love with more of their heart than their brain. Their excessive nature makes them prone to getting jealous and possessive as well as pouring a jar full of affection and emotions into the relationship. They are terrible at hiding their emotions and are huge fans of long-term relationships.

An Aries ideal partner has to be spontaneous or else an Aries native will be bored. Honesty is a major criterion as this will prevent it from being one-sided. An Aries partner should be fierce and independent, someone who can make them feel secure; romantic, and flirtatious, for the love of passion!

They should be able to express their emotions and be open about their feelings. It seems that the Aries native loves an understanding partner as they expect similar characteristics.

What is more romantic than a partner that can read you? However, you need to be able to bear their temper tantrums.

They are attracted to physical connection and warmth in relationships, although they tend to focus on their self-pleasure – they are direct and most times forgo foreplay.

They are gentle and diplomatic. Their energy and spontaneity make them great partners as they have sociable and funny company. Their relationship is a give and take type, with them doing most of the taking.

The good side of their competitiveness is that they can spur their partner to success and scale greater heights. Though, their independent nature makes it difficult for them to see their partner’s point of view.

They are loyal and outspoken too, and this aids the longevity of the relationship and helps them connect deeply. The optimism of an Aries native is a great source of strength for their partner, fancy having a partner who is your cheerleader?

Knowing that an Aries native loves compatibility, it is natural that the most compatible zodiac signs are Leo, and Sagittarius, the other two fire signs, Gemini who has great communication skills, and Scorpio, who is a fountain of emotion.

However, they are incompatible with Capricorn, Pisces, and Aquarius. Libra is the zodiac sign directly opposite Aries, and as they say, opposites often attract, so who knows.

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Aries: Friends And Family

For Friends: Their social life is filled with new encounters as they easily make friends. They are friendly and touching. In friendship, they are tolerant and respect the different personalities of their friends.

They are open and transparent, not keen on hiding things from their friends. However, they lose respect if they feel they are being disrespected, or if a friend is being dishonest.

Aries natives communicate and are outspoken, airing their thoughts and opinions as well. They are loyal and keep long-term friendships. Their ability to express themselves freely deepens their friendship. They definitely won’t do well with friends who seek false praises.

They are also attention seekers and fancy friends that appreciate and praise them. As a friend, give them the upper hand often and let them take the lead. This will make them feel more secure.

For Family: As children, they can be difficult to control as their assertiveness can come off as stubbornness. They long for independence at a young age and often separate too early from the family. Although they love their family a lot, they love their decisions to be different so they can feel independent.

As they are needy individuals, if they do not receive enough love and patience from their parents, it could affect their intimate bonds later in life.

They also encounter difficulties relating with their siblings because of their competitive nature and their stubborn persistence to stick to their viewpoint.

As parents, they are loving, devoted, and selfless, putting their passion into nurturing bonds. They do not shy from family obligations.

Aries natives, as courageous people, are not scared to stand for their family members, no matter the situation. They do not shy away from their mistakes, instead, they confront them and fix them.

Aries Career And Money

As a born leader, an Aries native loves to be at the top. They do not lack passion for their job but rather pursue every task with enthusiasm, trying to be diplomatic and tactful at the same time.

They are intellectuals and are great creative thinkers when they employ their imaginative minds. Their spontaneous tendencies make work less tedious and boring. They get bored easily when they are doing routines.

However, their impulsiveness could make them make mistakes at work so they should watch carefully and take things a step at a time.

They work in conventional businesses and industries. An Aries will always be found in the winning team, most probably as the team leader. Their optimism will carry them and their team members through the bad days as they are able to motivate themselves to success.

Their determination and endless energy keep them busy all day in an endless cycle of meetings, discussions, and negotiations.

They are pleasers and achievers. They love to be praised for their good works, and yes, they deserve it because they outshine their colleagues in productivity.

Their competitive spirit helps them break new ground and attain many heights of progress. They find themselves even taking easy tasks as competitions, and this helps them do their best on even the littlest of tasks. They most often stay successful throughout their lives.

Their curiosity also keeps them at their A-game as they are open to learning new things, always determined to be the best.

Those born on the Aries zodiac sign are sports lovers, their energy can be best put to use in engaging in different interesting sporting activities.

They may often find themselves wanting to explore different areas, rather than sticking to one because they love action and adventure – Aries constantly seek new work experiences. They earn large sums of money because of the energy they throw into their work.

Some of the professions that Aries people can easily fit into include business management, defense, financial analysis, hotel management, and human resource management. They will also do well at sporting activities and volunteering which gives them a sense of fulfillment.

Aries and Health

If you are an Aries native, you need to learn to control your temper as this could affect your health. Find ways to keep yourself calm, like meditation, breathing, and yoga. Their face turns red when they are excited, scared, or embarrassed (another reason they cannot hide their emotions).

To prevent disappointment and hurt caused by frequent mistakes, try to cut down on your impulsiveness and be more intentional about the things you do.

Also learn to channel your energy positively, trying new things to prevent getting frustrated by monotony. Don’t overwork yourself so you won’t get unnecessarily stressed out.

You are susceptible to head-related health problems like migraines, head congestion, sinus conditions, so they should watch out for things that could trigger these conditions.

It is important to maintain a healthy weight, and exercise often. Stay away from sweet desserts, chocolate, and sugary drinks as an Aries person.

You And The Aries Woman

The Aries woman is sensual and emotionally driven, she is outspoken about her feelings, and is passionate about love. She is understanding. She loves to be caressed and stroked and is big on sexual connection, wanting to connect on a deeper emotional and erotic level.

However, she loves to be independent and seeks freedom. An Aries woman will most likely get offended if she feels her man is trying to control her.

She appreciates long-term relationships and longs for commitment, when she is in love, she loves to stay in it and build around it. She is a home lover.

Due to her passionate nature, she is possessive of her man and loves the hunt and chase, she loves being wanted and vice versa as this makes her feel important.

Sometimes, she could let the man chase after her for a long time as she enjoys this. Though, when she does not love a person, she does not bulge. She seeks true love, laying her all at the table of love.

As a lover of love, she finds it difficult to withstand the charm of a man she is attracted to. She loves to be put first and be made to feel important. As a way of bonding, she expects her man to understand her depths of thoughts.

She is prone to jealousy because of the insecurities she nurses, so her man is expected to give her lots of attention and make her feel loved. She loves being spent on as a way of expressing love.

The Aries woman is honest and straightforward. She takes a direct approach and does not mince words.

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You And The Aries Man

What do you need to know about an Aries man? Let us start with his obsessiveness. This should fascinate you, right? His excessive emotional capacity and insecurities can make him obsessive about his partner and protective too.

When he finds a person who loves him, he does not want to lose her. He does not waste time riding the fantastical wheels of love as he so easily falls in love. Though, he easily gets bored as his nature of spontaneity demands adventure.

He seeks new sexual experiences to keep his imaginative mind running. He gets easily tempered and can act without thinking at such moments.

The Aries man is also independent, giving that a double honor. He most times enjoys spending time alone. He maintains honesty and straightforwardness in his love relationship, and this builds trust.

Being an emotional person, he makes love decisions with his heart rather than his head. This can sometimes lead to irrationality. He loves to take the lead in sexual activities and likes to be in control.

However, his lack of patience makes him often skip foreplays which may not go well with his partner. He is passionate and playful but falls into the temptation of viewing love as a conquest.

His ideal partner has to be sensual, a hungry and passionate lover, and have a high libido. She has to be erotic and be able to constantly take him to new sexual heights to conquer boredom.

On a general note, the Aries man is a charmer and is always popular with the ladies. He has a killer smile that is mesmerizing. His lips do not seize to produce flirtatious compliments that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

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Famous Aries Personalities

Some famous personalities under this zodiac sign are Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, Lil Nas X, Conan O’Brien, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Eddie Murphy.

These individuals are well noted for their determination and the passion they put into their career paths.

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