Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Money, Health and More

In astrology, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter also called “The Great Benefic”. It represents expansion, growth, and prosperity. For almost every trait, they have a contradicting one so with the Sagittarius, you will find it a serious task trying to decrypt their personality.

As a mutable sign, Sagittarius constantly seeks adventure and excitement, in love, work, and friendship. Nothing can glue them to the spot. Remaining in one spot for too long will quench the fire in them so Sags are always on the go, on the road, from one job to another, etc.

When in love, committing becomes a tough decision because the last thing they don’t want to lose is their freedom. Love seems like a prison to them and Sags will always go for partners who will give them enough space to breed their individuality.

Dates November 22 – December 21
Element Fire
Ruler Jupiter
Modality Mutable
Zodiac house The Ninth house
Day of the week Thursday
Body parts The liver, the hips, and the thighs
Birthstone Turquoise
Lucky numbers 5 and 7
Symbol The Archer
Dominant Keyword I See

The Personality Traits Of Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives are a complexity of traits. They are known for their outgoing and extroverted nature. In a crowd, they will most likely be the jokers, making everyone laugh and being the center of attention.

However, their love for attention and self-focus makes them cold towards others, sometimes unconsciously ignoring others’ feelings. They often get boastful, talking a lot about themselves.

Though, this is not a complete image of them. Sags are caring and loving. As long as you are considered a loved one, they have got your back and will be there to protect you. Be sure they care about you even if they don’t show it emotionally.

Sagittarius: Positive Personality Traits

Sags feather is unruffled by the day-to-day troubles of life. Their motto is “tomorrow is another day”. They are very optimistic and do not get drained by failure but believe that tomorrow will be much better.

These natives find it difficult to stay in one spot. In fact, it is not natural for them. Rather, they are restless, constantly in search of new horizons to reach and adventures to find.

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The typical Sagittarian is a knowledge seeker. They are curious and it might seem like poke nosing but Sags just want to learn more. Enthusiasm lines their everyday life.

Fun is all they are about. They are always the life of the party and people are drawn to their outgoing nature. Sags never run out of jokes and even when they do, they will come up with new crazy but fun ideas to pass time.

Sags are self-sufficient. They pride themselves on their independence and can never trade it for anything because it is what defines them. They love their freedom and hate being held down by anything or anyone against their wish.

The most important freedom Sags need is the freedom to explore and wander. These folks are adventurous and love exploring, testing, and trying new things. They love traveling so if you plan to stick with them, be ready for a life on the road.

Another great thing about them is their aversion to falsehood. You will find a Sagittarius to be more honest than a mirror. They will give you the truth on a plain dish without sugar coating. If you know them well, you know they do it out of love.


Sagittarius: Negative Personality Traits

Sags rebel against being grown-ups. It’s almost like they want to live in their childhood forever so as to be free to play around. They also get easily bored with repeatedly doing the same thing. For them, consistency and routine are boring. They’d rather take the spontaneous route.

Natives of the Sagittarius Zodiac are overthinkers. They think deeply and it doesn’t help them achieve much. Instead, they end up exaggerating and making little issues seem big.

Despite their ability to think deeply, they still make unwise decisions. Their risk-taking is most often reckless. Sags are careless and take unnecessary risks.

To cap it up, their spontaneity makes them disorganized. Because they do not like routines, they scatter details and end up in a mess. Sags also lack focus as it is difficult for them to keep at something for long. They are impatient.

Naivety is another flaw of the Sagittarius native. Their optimism prevents them from looking at the negative side of people, but rather focusing on the positive. As a result, they end up being hurt when they foolishly trust someone. They can also be naively compliant.

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Sagittarius in Love and Relationship

Although they easily fall in love, the Sagittarius native is scared of committing. This is because it could be a threat to their freedom and independence. If you want to date a Sagittarius, make sure you let him be himself.

So as a matter of fact, it is difficult to pin down a Sagittarius to a relationship. However, when they are serious about you, they do not let go but make sure they build a paradise around your love.

Once that bridge is crossed, the Sagittarius lover will keep you smiling every single day. They will find every opportunity to do something new and fun in the relationship, and their humor will serenade you.

Love for them must be adventurous unless they will be bored of the relationship. If you are not open to exploring, you most probably should not go for a Sag lover as even love for them must be done spontaneously.

Do you love vacations? Then get ready for it. You might be very often surprised by ideas of fun trips you both can take. The Sag lover will want to take you to mind-blowing places as he hates the boredom that comes with being fixed.

Expect to go on a never-ending fun ride through the relationship. Being lovers of fun themselves, they will ensure there’s no room for boredom. Be prepared to get crazy adventure ideas from them and it promises to be a fun package.

The Sag native’s humor is his charm so even in a relationship, your Sagittarius partner will give you steady doses of humor and jokes. There’s no dull moment around them because the fire in them sparks continually.

It’s most likely that Sagittarians will go for a partner who is of different background and has a different upbringing so they can tap from their experiences. They want to grow with their partners and want them to be at their best.

Honesty is the Sagittarian’s best policy and this is one constant in their life. They will be blunt with their partners and expect the same. Even if it ends up hurting the other party, their goal is to give the unrefined truth. So when they profess feelings for you, trust their words.

They are also good at communicating their feelings. Thus, Sags are expressive and emotionless. They are not shy about how they feel but will readily say it out loud. Whether good or bad, they will cut you the drama and say it bluntly.

Sagittarius is frequently attracted to Gemini. Since these two signs are opposed, Sagittarius may feel that Gemini possesses characteristics they respect and wish to cultivate in themselves.

Sagittarius also gets along well with Aries and Leo, as these signs are high on energy. They’re also compatible with Aquarius, both characters are deep thinkers, and they may like collaborating to understand the universe better.

Sagittarius is incompatible with Cancer, Taurus, and Capricorn. A relationship between these signs might suffer from communication difficulties.

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Sagittarius: Friendship and Family

For Friendship: Sags are arguably the nicest friends in the zodiac and they are never short of friends. Their jovial and outgoing personality draws the crowd to them. You cannot keep from laughing when they open their chest of jokes.

The open approach they take towards communication helps in building lasting relationships. Once in a while, you might be torn by the brutality of their bluntness but they do it because they want the best for you as a friend.

You can rely on them to be truthful to you and draw you to the right path when you are walking astray. Sags are loyal friends. They will impress you with how far they are willing to go for a friend.

Sagittarius natives are selfless and kind. They never relent in helping their friends. When they do you a favor, Sags don’t expect a repayment whatsoever.

For Family:  Family is important to the Sagittarius native. They may not be very emotionally connected to family members but they care about them. However, Sags make sure that even family doesn’t interfere with their freedom. They are quite reserved and do not share everything with their family.

Sagittarius parents can be imposing. Though, they give chilldren enough freedom and want them to explore and discover themselves. They spend quality time with their children, play with them and help with their studies.

Sag parents will carry their children on road trips and travel around so they can experience different cultures and discover the world around them. They have a large social circle and also let their children keep friends and live sociably.

Sagittarius children love their parents although they tend to disobey and act stubborn as a way of asserting their individuality.

Sagittarius Career and Money

Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer. Their greatest strength is balancing work and life. When Sags love their jobs, they will give their best to it, but don’t expect them to skip vacations. It’s important to them.

They perform best at jobs that are not monotonous and will give them room to express their individuality, where they are free to take up different roles, change scenes, and take jobs that are not boring. Sags need flexible jobs.

As freedom lovers, Sags do better when they are working independently rather than with people, especially when they have to be controlled or bossed around by someone else. It makes them feel constricted, which is something they hate.

It’s difficult for Sags to focus on one thing, you can call the Sagittarius the ADD zodiac,( just joking). They easily get bored with a task and lack the patience to see it through to the end. Very often, they wait until the last minute to do a task because Sags work best under pressure.

Fortunately, they have a mind for creativity and since Sags love bringing up new ideas, their ideas are useful and can be a major breakthrough at work. Besides that, they always find ways of adding color to the job.

Sagittarians’ impatience makes them bad leaders at work or on a project, although this would have been a position they would have loved to occupy.

Although Sagittarians have a good hand with money and never seem to run out of funds, they do not see finance as a priority. They do save and invest but for them, money is just a means to an end, which is, fulfilling their adventurous cravings.

For them, it doesn’t matter if they interact with co-workers. They are well-liked at work, but Sagittarians hardly make an effort to get close to others. They feel self-sufficient enough.

Sagittarians best fit into active roles like entertaining, coaching, actors, traveling agents, location scouts, video game designers, and editors. Honestly, any career path that offers frequent advancements and that is not monotonous will do fine for the Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Health

The ninth zodiac rules the hips, thighs, and liver. People born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign live healthily. At a young age, they tend to be lean but as they age, they gain weight.

It’s very important for Sags to engage in physical activities like exercising, outdoor sports, etc. This is because Sagittarians are always on the move and being idle will affect and stiffen the body.

They should avoid having a heavy diet and should watch their diet and nutrition carefully, making sure they reduce the intake of fatty food that can make them susceptible to excessive weight gain.

Alcohol should be taken in moderation and smoking should be limited, if possible, avoided. Sags should drive carefully to avoid accidents too.

Sagittarians are prone to Sciatica, torn ligaments in the thighs, and hepatitis. They also have a sensitive liver and should be careful about what they eat and drink.

You and Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is an attention seeker. She loves to be recognized and can be charming just for that purpose. Although she likes flirting because of the attention it brings, she is also loyal to her man, when she finally decides to settle down.

She is drawn to adventure and excitement. This is why her relationship must mirror this adventurous side. In her own ways, she will try to make him smile and keep everywhere bubbling with vibes.

The Sagittarius woman also detests stagnancy. She wants a stable relationship but also, something fun and growing, as the Jupiter influence posits. She needs a partner that is willing to explore outside the box and find new pleasures.

If you are a shy partner, you most probably will find her domineering but it is not exactly so. She just can’t hide her fire but burns bright and shines, stealing the limelight and attracting everyone’s attention.

When choosing a partner, she marries for love, not money. Also, the Sag woman goes for a partner who is independent and respects her independence too. A man who will give her room to grow her identity.

As for sex, it is more of a physical act than emotional to her. She wants it to be hot and adventurous. Mrs. Sag desires a truthful and genuine sexual relationship but as well, an impulsive unprogrammed one where she can be herself.

You will often find her bringing up new sexual ideas, and if you keep an open mind to them, you will enjoy the sexual process. For her, the norm is boring.

The Sagittarius woman avoids clingy partners but wants one with whom she can have deep and meaningful conversations with. Although she is an outgoing person, she thinks deeply too. She is always truthful, even if it means causing pain to others, including her partner. She primarily cares about being honest about her feelings, her thoughts, and opinions.

You and Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is charming but it will be difficult for him to decide to settle down. This is because he is scared of losing his freedom in marriage. When he finds someone who wouldn’t push him to compromise his freedom, the Sagittarius man will settle down.

However, generally, he is not scared of rejection. When he finds someone he likes and thinks it is worth the chase, he aims for it. He is confident that things will go his way.

As a relationship isn’t really the Sagittarius man’s strong point, he would not want a troublesome relationship but wants an easy-going, undemanding relationship.

Although he has an insatiable sexual desire, the Sagittarius man is not much of a romantic. He views sex as a physical connection. You should not always expect him to express his love through gifts as he is not big on this.

However, he will supplement through his fun nature. While he might not be the most charming partner, the Sagittarius man will make sure you always have a reason to laugh.

On rainy days, the Sag man will assure you that things will be fine. He is able to keep his head up in the storm and this optimism will strengthen his partner.

There is no boring moment around him. In fact, he will keep on coming up with spontaneous ideas for adventures. Don’t be bewildered if you find yourself on a treasure hunt. These are his ways of building memories.

You need to be able to keep up with his pace or you might end up boring him. The Sag man is always on the move, seeking new adventures. He also needs a partner who is independent and respects his independence as well.

One double-sided trait of the Sagittarius man is his honesty. Although this will mean that he will always tell you the truth and you can trust him, sometimes, the truth hurts. This man has no plans of coating it but tells it the way it is.

Famous Sagittarius People

Some famous personalities born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are Frank Sinatra, Jay – Z, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, Tina Turner, Chadwick Boseman, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Tiffany Haddish, and Charlie Puth.

If you know some of these personalities, it is easy to point out many major Sagittarian traits in them, especially the fun part. They are a mixture of excitement.

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