Libra Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Career, Health and More

The Libra zodiac sign is an air element just like Gemini and Aquarius. This element makes them highly intellectual and social beings. Their guardian planet is Venus, a planet of harmony, love, and relationship. This is what makes them crave balance and harmony with the people around them.

They are born between September 23 and October 22. Their most conspicuous trait is their extroverted lifestyle. A libra derives joy in being around people, however on a bad day, they are prone to being aloof. Their sign also makes them crave good relationships with people.

Also, They are very cooperative, charming, and empathetic people; they’re known to be peacemakers. Their desire for balance causes them to make compromises that will encourage peace, sometimes, to their detriment.

A Libra is a hopeless romantic! When they fall in love, they fall hard. Their joy is often complete when they meet someone that reciprocates their feelings in the same magnitude. Their empathetic trait makes them the best counselors, writers, artists, and motivational speakers.

Dates September 23 – October 22
Element Air
Ruler Venus
Modality Cardinal
Zodiac House The Seventh House
Day of the week Friday
Body parts The lower back, buttocks, and the kidneys
Birthstone Opal
Lucky numbers 6 and 9
Symbol The Scales
Dominant Keyword I Balance

The Personality Traits Of Libra

Below are some of the traits that make Libra stand out among other zodiac signs.

A Libra’s symbol is the scale and this makes them strive for balance, harmony, and peace in the world. They are extroverted, charming, friendly, and intelligent people. They crave the company of others and are great at forming strong social connections.

They have a strong analytic and diplomatic trait that enables them to calm raging seas and restore balance and order around them. Even though they can fit into any environment of their choice, they do not like chaotic places; they are peacekeepers.

Libra: Positive Personality Traits

Below are some of the positive traits which make Libra one of the best zodiac signs.

The zodiacal sign of Libra is a partnership, which is made perfect by their symbolic element: Air. This makes them eager to create connections with people through consistent communication.

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Their captivating charm, elegant taste, and enthusiasm help them get along with just about everyone they cross paths with; everyone wants a conversation with them at parties.

A Libra has a beautiful appearance. Driven by their need for balance, they strive to make the things and people around them just as aesthetically pleasing as themselves. They have an open mind with a high sense of imagination, a trait that allows them to sprinkle beauty everywhere they go.

As social butterflies, a typical Libra is always at their best in personal relationships: be it family, partners, lovers, mates, friends, business associates; or even guests at a party. They give their all to their relationships and are most delighted when the gesture is returned.

They possess a strong sense of justice and fairness. They are keen on making everybody heard, especially in public gatherings. They strive for balance and harmony and are happiest in an ordered and serene environment. They seek peace above their comfort.

There are only a few zodiac signs more idealistic than Libras. They always prefer to look on the bright side; they see the best in everyone and every situation. They have great intentions towards people and are always eager to transform a messy place into a beauty. They gladly jump on the idea of starting and learning new things.


Libra: Negative Personality Traits

You’d think that this charming sign is flawless, but that’s far from it. Libras, like other signs, have a few character defects.

For starters, they can be very judgemental; they judge their books by the cover. As an idealist, a libra considers pointing out others’ flaws as a moral obligation. Also, their insecurity heightens their judgy attitude.

They are quick to trash-talk people behind their backs and also before them; it’s a coping mechanism. It is their way of hiding their flaws. They feel that by exposing others’ flaws, theirs will be hidden.

The Libra sign is also low on self-confidence. Their ability to restore calmness and balance is never enough to eradicate self-doubt; hence, the constant feeling of being incomplete. They boast of a superb instinct, but with hardly enough trust in them. Stubbornness is an equally negative trait for this sign.

Another negative thing about the Libra sign is their indecisiveness. They will incessantly debate the pros and cons of every decision they want to make, including the kind of cookies to order.

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Libra in Love and Relationship

Libras are the founders of relationships, courtesy: their guardian planet, Venus: the planet of love and romance. They love to love and be in love, moreover, they charm hearts and cause love stories to unfold in the most enigmatic, yet dazzling, manner.

They are sweet, affectionate, warmhearted, and tend to deal intuitively with other people’s emotions. They appear to know the right words to say and how to treat a lover the right way.

They are genuinely devout lovers once committed. Although, unlike other signs, it can be a bit challenging to get them to choose a mate (maybe because they’re picky and indecisive). But, once their mind is made up, their fidelity makes up for any original indecision they may have displayed.

This sign is full of self-importance in relationships and they like being sought after. They are drawn to people that are affectionate toward them. To them little is much, especially when it amplifies their self-worth – buy them gifts, along with compliments on their look. Pay attention when they’re talking and they are all yours.

Another thing that entices Libra is intelligence and beauty. People that are not visually attractive turn them off. They are drawn in by elegance and caged by brilliance. You’d find them in your corner if you’re able to engage in long intelligible conversations.

Their highly social life builds a large crowd of friends who are chatty, articulate, and equally as charming as they are. Even though they are quite picky in relationships, they are quick to fall in love with partners they find compatible.

Libras are very sentimental, they cannot cope in a relationship where their love is not being reciprocated nor are they comfortable with insecure partners. They prefer partners that are self-confident, composed, and cultured. Yes, they fall hard and fast, but they flee even faster.

Generally, the Libra sign is most compatible with other signs like Gemini and Aquarius that understand their airy language – intelligent, rational, friendly, and lovers of communication.

They also make a good match with Saggitarius; however, they form a strong and mutually beneficial bond with Leo, exchanging their charm and beauty with Leo’s confidence.

Libra, as a sign of partnership, is incompatible with the pragmatic Capricorn who prefers their careers to their relationships. Libra’s most incompatible sign is Virgo whose efficiency cannot tolerate their indecisiveness and willingness to put others above themselves.

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Libra: Career and Money

This sign’s grace and superior intellect help them excel at any workplace they find themselves in.

Their easy-going nature and their ability to work with other people enable them to make strong connections with their associates, promote a positive partnership with their employers and maneuver their way into their customer’s hearts. Their stock-in-trade is a charm!

Libras are born diplomats. They’re always at the forefront of settling workplace conflicts. With their great communication skill, understand unusual people, tactfully smooth over disputes, and meld disparate egos into one smooth working union.

This sign is not all about human relations and socializing at their workplace. Truly, they fancy making their jobs into fun activities to evade boredom, but their eagerness to take on new projects and craft out amazing ideas that yield profit speaks volumes of their high intellect.

They have a good head for money. They are equally good at multitasking because of their ability to balance out different activities.

A Libra thrives at being in charge because this gives them the freedom to express their creativity. They hate being told what to do. That is why they often opt for a career that allows them to practice freely like being freelance writers or artists.

In their comfort zones, which is a serene and peaceful work environment, they set high goals for themselves and achieve them at the stipulated time even if it means wearing themselves out.

Notwithstanding the immense contributions they make to their chosen workplace, they often find it difficult to ask for a reward in the form of a promotion or increase in the paycheck. This is because they hate confrontations.

This is another reason why Libras prefer to run their businesses so that their brilliance and resourcefulness will fetch them personal money instead of pumping it into a company where they might not be appreciated.

Since decision-making is a major setback for the natives of this sign, choosing a career path is often a huge challenge.

However, the best careers for a Libra include counseling, writing, interior designing, human resource manager, stylist, lawyer, inspirational speaker, judge, educationist, and financial adviser.

Libra: Friendships and Family

For Friends: Libras make good friends because they can run miles for those around them even though they don’t know those people so well. A Libra is open and honest in friendship and they’re also genuinely loyal.

This makes their friends trust them for good advice. They’re also great listeners and they tactically draw people out of their shells.

As Libras love being around people, they never turn down an opportunity to hang out with friends. You’d get along, harmoniously, with them if you’re even-tempered or aloof.

Their friendships and associations bring opportunities, but they are not in relationships for that; they are all about companionship. A Libra derives pleasure in making their friends as happy and fulfilled as they are.

They are the best support system around, but sometimes this always bites them in the back as they can be so busy caring that they don’t realize that they’re being exploited.

For Family: If you succeed in building a family with a Libra, be rest assured that it will be a harmonious journey. Your home will always be laced with elegance and style owing to its exquisite artistry.

Libra’s craving for balance extends to their homes. They always have their things properly organized and in the order they deem perfect; your contribution might have little or no impact.

They do not fail to talk through any dispute in the family, because they just can’t thrive in a chaotic society. Family is important to them, so they give their all to make it work even at their own expense.

This sign makes great parents. They are patient towards the mishaps of their children whom they love and treat children with utmost kindness and care. They dish out justice in their homes even in the most unpleasant situations.

They don’t relent in giving their children the best of everything while also encouraging them to be creative and independent.

Libra and Health

Libra natives enjoy good health. Their guardian planet, Venus, rules over the kidney and lower back. This sign is notable for their visually attractive features with strong skeletal structures, but they are always found struggling with a vague ache in the lower back.

They also suffer from lower back strain and problems in the lumbar region, mostly when they push themselves too hard. They are also prone to kidney infections; hence, they should be careful about their diet and alcohol consumption.

They need to strive to achieve balance in their health and diet. This will wade off these ailments that they’re susceptible to. Building equilibrium in all areas of life, maintaining a chord between time to work and time to relax should be of high priority to a Libra.

They tend to be overactive and restless when they overexert themselves. This can result in insomnia and memory loss. Libras need to stay away from thoughtless actions as they can bring stress and tension.

You and Libra Woman

Among other signs, Libra women are the easiest to fall in love with because of their grace and charm. With their expertise in enchanting men, it’s no surprise if you get hooked on first sight. These women are capable of captivating your heart with their breathy sensation.

Libra women, which are ruled by Venus, are the epitomes of beauty and lovers of pleasure. They’re drawn towards a lover who can cater for their whims; they’re in love with the idea of being loved. They thirst for affection, understanding, and sympathy, if they find this with you, then you’ve earned yourself a loyal partner.

A Libra woman in love is all about hugs and kisses, cuddles and touches on pleasure points. She has a taste for dramatic lovemaking and will surely bring her aesthetic skills to a sexual relationship. She’s generally attracted to older, richer men with experience in the art of pleasing women.

This charming and elegant woman always wants to be the only person in the spotlight. She always looks for the perfect companion to enhance her self-image. She’s as self-centered as she’s loving.

When she falls in love with you, you can’t miss it because her full attention will be on you. She’d always want to spend quality time with you – no silly quarrels or fights, they don’t line up with her sign.

Don’t be deceived by how quickly they fall for you, they can move on just as fast if their presence is not appreciated. The women of this sign often get married more than once.

They’re flirtatious, charming, attentive, and loving and they also want to receive all these and more from their partners. They seek peace and balance both within and outside their relationships and won’t hesitate to leave if they don’t find it.

You and Libra Man

A typical Libra man is sufferably fascinating and socially spirited. He has a great personal charm, elegance, and a refined aesthetic sense that endears him to the opposite sex.

However, he only has eyes for smart, visually attractive, and charismatic women that share his love for aesthetics. He is attracted to that perfect mate that understands, appreciates, and even idolizes him.

He spend a colossal amount of time and energy cultivating relationships because they need a stable, long-term union. They always like to make smart choices in love and they don’t fail to shower their partner with love.

They always find a way to strike a perfect balance between what they desire and what their partner needs. They crave the company of their lover at all times and might come off a bit clingy at times.

Like all Libras, he has a lot of friends, but he keeps only one lover. He makes sure to steer clear of upsetting influences in his relationship. This love bird does not falter in making his partner feel appreciated and loved. Like a typical Libra, he has an intuitive knowledge of female anatomy and a wild erotic imagination.

Do you want to steal a Libra man’s attention? Then find out what fascinates them and start a conversation from there. You should be intelligent enough to hold a long conversation because he can be chatty.

There are usually a few awkward moments when on the first date with a Libra man because he instinctively knows how to put a woman at ease.

On the flip side, Libra men are shockingly facile. They place physical appearance above a person’s morals. You’re not a good fit for a Libra man if you’re not physically attractive. They like to surround themselves with pretty things.

Famous Libra People

Libra is graced by highly established and renowned people like Margaret Thatcher, Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Eminem, Serena Williams, Niels Bohr, Naomi Osaka, Donald Glover, Michaela Coel, John Krasinski. Most of these people have at one interview or another attested to their character aligning with the Libra sign.

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