Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Money and Health

The Aquarius zodiac sign is the last of the three air signs, the other two being Gemini and Libra. This sign is ruled by the planet Uranus, “the Great Awakener ” as it’s commonly called.

Its ability to invoke sudden changes earned it this title. The Aquarius sign also exhibits this quality by being the ones always pushing for a change of the status quo.

Aquarius natives are born between January 20 and February 18. Their ambitious vision singles them out from the crowd. These natives aim high and put immense effort into achieving their aims.

Their brilliance makes them great engineers, professors, project managers as well as other fields that allow them to showcase their analytical skills.

Being ruled by the Air element means that these folks are more rational than emotional. This keeps them from hastily committing to a relationship, but when they do, it’s forever for them.

They’re friendly and often enjoy intelligent conversations, but can also be extremely cold on bad days. Aquarians are represented by the water bearer, which means that they are at their best when they’re free.

Dates January 20 – February 18
Element Air
Ruler Uranus and Saturn (ancient ruler)
Modality Fixed
Zodiac house The Eleventh House
Day of the week Wednesday
Body parts The circulatory system, shins, and ankles
Birthstone Amethyst and garnet
Lucky numbers 1 and 7
Symbol The Water Bearer
Dominant Keyword I Know

The Personality Traits Of Aquarius

To begin with, this sign constitutes people that are uniquely intelligent and innovative. They are able to devise brilliant ideas that wouldn’t cross the mind of an average person. Aquarians can comprehend complex subjects better than other people.

Their high intellectual ability is only matched by their kind and friendly nature. If you want a friend that can tolerate all your excesses, an Aquarian is your guy. They are liberal and always see the best in people. As much as these people love socializing, they are very much keen on their alone time.

Aquarius: Positive Personality Traits

Let’s explore some of the unique traits of people under the Aquarius sign.

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Aquarius is a visionary sign. Drawing up clear and precise plans for the future is a gift that Aquarians are endowed with. This sign is a progressive, inventive and intellectual one.

An Aquarian may be the quietest person in the room, but trust me their quietness does not extend to their minds. These highly intellectual deep thinkers are capable of manufacturing the best ideas in their busy minds.

Although Aquarius is not the most social zodiac sign, their air sign allows them to be friendly. The natives of this sign can effortlessly adapt to the energy that surrounds them enough to allow them to step in and showcase their brilliance.

Albeit, their presence shouldn’t intimidate you because this is a kind, helpful and people-oriented sign that is very tolerant of people. They love to give out their honest opinions and observations without any fear of being branded as different and weird.

The Aquarius sign is intellectually independent, knowledgeable to a large extent, and rational. With these guys, there’s little room for mistakes because they always take out time to calculate their options before making decisions. People born under this sign are highly analytical and won’t believe anything that is not backed up by facts.

Aquarius is the most liberal of all zodiac signs. But of course, we can’t expect anything less from a sign that is ruled by Uranus. These people are always up for change and progress. They’re open-minded and objective in their judgments, yet fixed in opinion.

Aquarius: Negative Personality Traits

Below are a few flaws that lace the Aquarius zodiac sign.

One of the negative attributes of these people is their inflexibility; Aquarius is a fixed sign. Even though they’re changemakers, they do not yield to others’ opinions easily.

They’re argumentative, rebellious, self-opinionated, and obstinate. To them, their way is the right way. Somehow, they always manage to overstretch their importance in people’s lives.

An Aquarius is eccentric, overburdened with inner conflicts, and distrustful of emotions unless tested and proven. A typical Aquarius is what you describe as weird. You’d find them liking and doing things very differently than other people. This attribute could mean that they’ll be alone for most of their lives.

Talking about loneliness, this sign wallows in it. They get bored and lonely even when surrounded by people. An Aquarius can be having a deep, interesting conversation with you this minute and the next they’re tired of talking to you.

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Aquarius in Love and Relationship

Unlike other zodiac signs, the Aquarius sign does not base its feelings on emotions only. They’re moved by intellectual prowess and natural friendly vibes.

A relationship with an Aquarius will never be one of those adventures where there is tons of passion, but you better believe there’s a true friendship beneath the love.

As Aquarians are ruled by the air sign, they have a bit of a social streak in them that makes great companions for socialites who enjoy hanging out in group settings.

Aquarians have an innate self-confidence, which endears people to them. However, it often takes time for them to get to the point of commitment in a relationship. This is partly due to their inability to trust people easily.

They enjoy flirting and can keep to a long-term “friends with benefits” arrangement. Even when they are deep into their partner, they could up and leave if they don’t see a stable future. Sometimes the craving for independence counters their feelings.

Another reason why an Aquarius doesn’t commit fully to relationships is because they don’t want to depend on other people and they most definitely don’t want to be depended on.

They would sacrifice even a close personal relationship in order to maintain independence. They don’t believe in love being about putting other people’s needs above one’s own.

When Aquarians finally commit to a relationship, they are usually very devoted to their partner. Aquarian natives have a stubbornly loyal heart, especially when they’re with an ideal partner – an intellectual like them. In return, they want a constant assurance of stability.

This sign is mostly attracted to people with the same mental capacity as them. They want romantic partners that they can comfortably share their big ideas.

Aquarius is the perfect match for a Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. An Aquarius can hit it off with a Sagittarius in their first meeting with a strong possibility of making it long-term. But, Gemini is the most compatible sign with Aquarius. They’re both great intellectuals who share the same thirst for knowledge.

The Aquarius sign is incompatible with Taurus, Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo. As a sign who is more rational than emotional, Aquarius will find Taurus’ old-fashioned quite burdensome.

The same applies to Pisces “the fairytale lovers”. In the same vein, pairing the manipulative Cancer with an independent Aquarian might result in a struggle for supremacy instead of a love affair.

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Aquarius: Career and Money

The natives of this sign usually spurn unique innovative ways to make money. Aquarians are creative and imaginative people who always find astute ways to earn, invest or save money.

Their intellect serves them well in the aspect of economics. When it comes to investment, they can do better than others because their focused intellectual mind would help them spot opportunities that others might ignore or miss.

At work, they do well in areas that express their humanity. This can lead them to express apathy towards roles that do not fit into their interest line. This dislike can come in between his fulfilling his role at work.

Aquarians are best suited to an environment that utilizes their innovative and quirky nature. They will join a workforce, irrespective of how challenging it is, that encourages them to.

They have a good relationship with their fellow employees and get along with everyone because like air, they flow well. Aquarians are good at group projects. They most often will be the creative thinkers in the group. Recognizing their contributions as group members is important to them.

Money for them is not as important as friends so they don’t see it as a priority. It’s just a means of attaining the dream life. However, Aquarius is good at making money.

When Aquarian’s finances are in order, they opt to help kins, help the indigent, or give to a spiritual institution to fulfill their humanitarian objectives. Aquarians are generally more concerned about humanitarian concerns than their particular fiscal well-being.

While it’s essential to work for the larger benefit, deserting one’s particular interests can be costly. They might also be largely reluctant, which prevents them from making clear money choices. When it comes to the plutocrat, Aquarius is a largely innovative and organized sign

An Aquarian is best suited for jobs that allow them to exercise their intellectual prowess. They make the best Professors, Engineers, Lawyers, private investigators, computer programmers, and project managers.

Also, as change-makers who are constantly drawn to fight for their society, it is not rare to find them as activists, politicians, ecologists, and in social works. You will also often find them taking up discovery-oriented jobs like tech-related jobs, astronomy, and science.

Aquarius: Friendships and Family

For friendship: Although Aquarius natives enjoy being alone, they also love the company of others. They are outgoing and their friendly demeanor attracts friends to them. However, they are fine keeping their company.

Aquarians are quite popular, especially because they have the reputation of being humanitarians. As such, they have a long list of friends and much more acquaintances.

It takes time for them to connect with friends emotionally. This is because they are reserved, but when they do connect, your Aquarian friend will be one of your most reliable associates. The ties they form endures and are stormproof.

Be cautious when dealing with an Aquarius friend because they loathe broken promises. So if you don’t have plans to remain faithful to your words, think twice about making them your best buddies.

One predictable thing is in their choice of friends. As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. Aquarians, choose intelligent friends with whom they can hold cogent intellectual conversations.

For family: These folks are loyal to family members. They can take any risk for them except the ones that will compromise their independence. They demand lots of freedom as children.

Their favorite family members are those who share similar traits, particularly the honest, are creative, and intellectual as they easily connect with those with whom they can hold talks.

Aquarian parents love when their children push themselves beyond limits, stretch their horizons and go all out creatively. They want their children to be open and maintain a curious approach to life.

These parents also encourage their children to be independent and harness their freedom, being advocates for freedom themselves.

Although they are friendly with the kids, advice for these folks is to learn how to be more emotionally connected with their children as they prefer intellectual thoughts to emotional ones.

Aquarius and Health

Aquarius rules the circulatory system, shins, calves, and ankles. They are strong and healthy, also having good body coordination. They should be careful about their nervous systems as they are prone to disorders of nerves, insomnia, restlessness.

Also, they are likely to be susceptible to ankle sprains and breaks, varicose veins, and hardening of the arteries. This is because they have weak bone structures

On the good side, their digestive system can adapt to any kind of cuisine and so, they can go on food sprees without being afraid of breaking down. However, coffee should be taken sparingly as it can make them nervous.

Being deep thinkers, Aquarian natives are prone to worrying and this can lead to stress or even worse, brain disorders and in the long run, brain tumors or epilepsy. Oops.

These guys need to learn how to rest their intellectual brains. All work and no play definitely make Jack a dull boy. It’s important too to avoid overthinking as it can lead to depression.


You and Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is usually the family’s black sheep and this is one point of attraction. Her charm is another. How about her brains? Mrs. Brainy can steal any man’s heart by leaving them awe-stricken.

If you want to get to her, you need to know her friends and also know a lot about her. She never goes for a partner who hasn’t passed through the test of friendship first. So simply put, you must first be a close friend before being a romantic partner.

This woman is warm and extremely caring about others and her partner. However, the need for independence comes on strongly, and sometimes, she avoids intimacy because of the risk of losing her independence.

The female Aquarian wants a man with whom she can connect intellectually. She strictly flees from men who will try to change the way she is. If you want to keep her, let her express herself the way she wants to.

She wouldn’t be your jealous partner. Do not expect her to be emotional. At all times, her rationality will precede emotions. You need to spend time to learn her, trust me, this woman is a full encyclopedia.

Most especially, get to know what she is passionate about and what she fancies. The relationship requires gradual development and careful constant care.

During sex, she is very focused, wanting to ensure that you are having as much pleasure as she. This woman is committed to seeing your dreams come true. She cares very much about her partner.

Expect your Aquarius lover to plan trips out of the blues. If she really loves you, she will include you in her plans. And if she is your wife, get ready for journey exotica. Most times, the need for a change of environment is what drives her decision.

You and Aquarius Man

Dating the Aquarius man is like dating your best friend because for him, you are more of a friend than a pa partner. He expects that you are first close friends with him before entering the realm of love.

Being a people person, ladies are always attracted to his amiable unique nature. He doesn’t tell lies or miscommunicate, he has great communication skills.

However, his loyalty to family and friends comes first so if his friends especially do not like you, he will quit the relationship. Before the relationship even gets intense, he would have introduced you to his close buddies.

The Aquarius man may not be Mr. Romantic, because of his machine-like thought which will make him repress emotions. However, he makes up for this fully with his care and commitment to you and everything about you.

It’s most likely that the days spent together will be unpredictable and isn’t that fun. Though you might quarrel very often because of his personal zone and need to be independent. Learn to let him be when he needs to.

This man has an open mind and heart. When in a relationship with him, be rest assured that he will always be there for you like a friend and good partner. Through thick and thin he will stand by you.

When you need advice, he will give you the best one because he does great at being objective. The Aquarius man is able to separate his emotions from his thoughts and give you solid advice.

When the need arises, his humanitarian nature will make him dump everything and attend to the needs of others so don’t be surprised when he has to leave urgently.

It’s good if you can bear with him and even support him by following. His love for you will grow deeper when you are that woman that supports his dreams and purpose.

Famous Aquarius People

There’s a long list of intelligent, rich, and famous people that will make you proud to be born under the Aquarius sign. They include Oprah Winfrey, Galileo Galilei, Megan Thee Stallion, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alicia Keys, Michael Jordan, Kerry Washington, Shakira.

New research shows that people under the Aquarius sign have a higher tendency of becoming rich and famous.

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