Taurus Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Money, Health and More

Taurus, which is the second sign in 12 zodiac signs, is ruled by Venus, the love planet. Represented by the Bull, people born under this sign (April 20 – May 20) are resilient.

Being the child of Earth, they carry fixated quality within them. Talk about unshakable, that is almost the perfect word to describe them. They are creatures of habits and probably the one set of people averse to change.

Maybe because the earth is so physical, these people are fascinated with physical objects like nature. They are also materialistic. When they think of living life, their mind reels with thoughts of luxury.

A Taurus love life reflects their “snail-paced”; taking things slow and steady. Their love for perfection makes them take infinity of years to scrutinize their love interest before picking the supposedly perfect option.

At work, they are very efficient when a thorough task needs to be performed. They leave nothing untouched while carrying out the project to a satisfactory level of perfection. However, the focus prevents them from multitasking.

Dates April 20 – May 20
Element Earth
Ruler Venus
Modality Fixed
Zodiac house The Second House
Day of the week Friday
Body parts Neck and Throat
Birthstone Emerald
Lucky numbers 6, 4
Symbol The Bull
Dominant Keyword I Have

The Personality Traits Of Taurus

Taurus natives are one of the simplest beings on earth. You don’t need years of study to understand them. In fact, if you are close to them, you can subconsciously predict most of their actions.

This fixated nature makes it difficult for them to adapt to change. Oh, how they hate to be pulled out of their comfort zone. This might make them sound like lazy individuals but you’d be surprised to see how dedicated they are to tasks set before them.

If there is anyone who knows how best to work and play, it’s the Taurus. They are ardent lovers of pleasure. Anything that will give that feeling of satisfaction is welcomed. However, they gravitate towards extravagance.

Taurus: Positive Personality Traits

Taurus is often referred to as the most attractive zodiac. Let’s take a look at what makes them lovable?

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Taurus natives are dependable, trustworthy, and patient. Their perfectionistic trait makes them analytical and observant so they do not rush things but go slow and steady.

You cannot catch them unprepared because they are mentally and physically organized. They ensure everything is perfectly arranged as they take their time to lay things out.

If you think their love for comfort makes them weak, you are about to chew your thoughts. They harness the strength of the bull and passionately complete any task. Mostly hardworking people, no task is too big for them to handle.

People born under the Taurus zodiac sign are down to earth (is there a better way to express the earth sign?) and most times don’t place themselves in the spotlights. They need to feel secure and stable, and this is one reason they do not like change.

As builders, they take their time to build something firm and settle in it. Whether it’s finance, work, or relationships, they seek stability.

Taurus natives are determined in their opinions. Since they take time to ensure they are right, they don’t like to be pushed out of their convictions. They desire great things although it may look like they are just fine wherever they are.

As pleasure lovers, fun is their status quo. They are your typical Netflix and chill buddies, so in love with spending the evenings on the cushion. When they go out, it is on shopping sprees, to get a massage, or eat luxuriously in a restaurant.


Taurus: Negative Personality Traits

Stuck up on their feeling of “I know best” and “I can do it my way”, they are some stubborn set to deal with. Even when criticized, they don’t budge. These people are most of the time dogmatic and close-minded. Anything change is antagonistic especially when it involves risk-taking. Watch how they sit hard like rocks in their opinion.

They can also wind up lazy when they get too comfy living the life of vacancy. They glory in the time spent doing nothing. As perfectionists, they can find themselves wasting time trying to make things perfect. If they are not careful, they would lose important people in search of the perfect ones.

Materialism is their vice. Their love for pleasure and material things can make them so sucked up by their desires that they become greedy and even apathetic to the needs of others.

Their routine minds leave them unadventurous. Afraid of the uncertainties of life, they cling to security rather than explore wilder options. Often, they bore friends with their predictability. It’s like they have nothing new to offer.

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Taurus in Love and Relationship

Governed by the love planet, Taurus natives are highly sensual. For them, sex is a priority. They are drawn to physical aspects like touching, kissing, cuddling, and smelling.

When choosing a partner, they take their time to find the perfect match. When they do find the desired partner, they stay in the relationship and are devoted.

You need to know that these guys love to be in love. I mean, it’s one place they can make their paradise, that is when they find the right partner (they almost always do, I mean after thinking forever?)

If you think candles and rose baths only happen in movies, then you should meet a Taurus in love. They are the “Perfecto Romantique”. Believe me when I say they will leave you breathless with their romantic ideas. Bet you love the thought.

These love bulls want to build their love life safely and be able to relax in sexual encounters. They take their time during sex, slowly working through foreplay to the main act and this makes up for their tendency to be predictable in bed.

They desire security in relationships and so, they make sure the foundation is solid. Jealousy could arise when they are unsure of being truly loved. This makes them feel insecure.

Being strictly organized people, they always make plans and love to share their goals with their partners. This intensifies the bond. Sharing dreams is like being in the same story. A love story!! Isn’t that just beautiful?

Taurus natives do not have buttered words that will charm their partners. They are not so good at expressing their feelings through words. However, they do better at acting out the words “I love you”. You can perceive it in every action they take.

What does Taurus seek in a relationship? They need a partner who is dependable and stable. It is also their wish to be valued and will value their partner in return. What they need is a partner who can show love through gifts and material things. But don’t overdo it though.

They make such great companies though they need to learn to get out of their comfort zones and be more adventurous in love. They could bore you out with routines honestly. As a Taurus native, keep the fire burning because love gives you the energy you need to take bold steps.

Although you cannot say for sure when it comes to matchmaking, the most compatible zodiac signs for the Taurus native are Cancer and Pisces who take pleasure seriously. Watch them make magic. Other earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, and other Taurus) are also great matches.

The most incompatible zodiac signs are Sagittarius and Aries who love adventure and spontaneity. Do you see an everyday war?

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Taurus Family and Friends

For Friends: Taurus natives are friendly people. Their friendships are often grown from childhood and tend to last a lifetime, hence, be ready to run into a lot of childhood friends if you befriend a Taurus.

They are also always willing to lend a helping hand and also take their friends along when they want to have fun, go shopping, etc. Due to their inherent nature of lending a helping hand, they might find it hard to say no sometimes.

They are never the ones to first lose their temper, like every other thing, Taurus natives are slow to anger but their anger burns when you push them to the wall. It’s like they take their time to build up their furnace. Ouch.

These amazing individuals are fun to hang out with. They also mainly keep an unchanging circle of friends (why take the pain to make new ones) as it takes them time to carefully choose their friends, and build a strong bond.

For Family: Taurus born views the family as an important institution and cherishes it. Who is better than a Taurus native at keeping family traditions and customs? Don’t they just love the routine and comfort of something familiar?

They are nurturers and love children. Taurus parents go physical with their children, expressing love through hugs, kisses, and spending time with them. They love cooking for the family and hosting house parties (an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills).

Routine is an important part of a Taurus-led family. They are also disciplinarians as they revere principles, honor, and ethics. It’s almost impossible to see the home disorganized, physically or emotionally.

They make sure they fix everything correctly. It’s beautiful how they make the home a haven for their children, where they can feel loved and protected.

Taurus: Career and Money

If you are looking for the best man to head that important project, you need to find a Taurus people. They are reliable, meticulous, patient, and hardworking.

Trust them to not miss out on any detail but present perfectly done work. Although their thoroughness prevents them from multitasking, it can be agreed that a job well done is better than a job quickly done.

They ensure that their career is built on a solid foundation. From there, they slowly work their way up to wealth and power. However, they seek out secure jobs with less risk. Once they find one that gives them security, they most times stick to it without plans to explore other options.

These meticulous individuals know the value of money and build financial security by saving and investing. Though they spend a lot on living a good life (which basically means eating well and living luxuriously), they work hard to supplement for this

They find it easy to be absolved from their job. Their determination also helps them make the right choices at work. When everyone at work is raging because of the pressure and stress, a Taurus native can stay chilled and keep his cool even in infuriating circumstances.

Although their resilience and resistance to change can help them stand their ground, they need to be wary of making wrong decisions. The Taurus native needs to learn how to listen to advice and criticism to grow. Maintaining a closed mind can cause stunted intellectual growth.

However, they find it hard to choose a career path. Also, jobs that change too quickly and are fast-paced are complete no-nos (you must have figured that out already). Too used to being comfy, it is not easy for them to be in constant motion. They need to feel safe, secure, and comfortable! Yes.

The best career choices for the Taurus native include food blogging, which gives them the chance to yammer away about the food they eat, chef (it’s no news that they love to cook), project supervision, and architecture. They are also good at music, drawing, and poetry, inspired by the earth and the creatures.

Taurus and Health

They are notable for their great physique and strong stamina from birth (you cannot easily topple over a bull, can you?) However, their health begins to deteriorate as they grow older.

Funnily, they often distrust the doctors and stubbornly refuse to follow health instructions. You will most often catch them eating unhealthy food. The Taurus native lives to eat, and who knows what is on that luxury food list?

They are vulnerable to colds, larynx issues, sore throats, and thyroid problems.

To live a healthy lifestyle, they need to avoid unhealthy food as well as binge eating. Exercise should be a necessary part of their lives and moderation should be taken when picking diets.

It is also important that they learn to be moderate and not overwork themselves trying to make sure everything is perfect. Besides, it can leave them feeling unfulfilled, especially when they are unable to get the desired result. They need to learn that perfection can sometimes be unrealistic.

You and Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman desires security and stability in a relationship. She wants a man who can make her feel safe and protected. If you are in search of an old-fashioned wife, she is the perfect fit.

Once she finds the right partner, she is devoted and protective. She does all she can to ensure the relationship works out. Do you want to build something serious? She is up for it.

The Taurus woman will wow you with her sexiness. Ruled by the love planet she is a romantic. In bed, she goes for maximum satisfaction for herself and her partner. Sex to her is the greatest art form.

You cannot rush your way through sex and she is not a fan of quickies. Instead, she fancies hours of touch, foreplays, caresses, and kisses. Make sure you are prepared because you can’t wriggle through this one.

Having a strong connection to the earth and nature, she loves surrounding the home with nature. This could be pets, plants, etc. She is a homemaker and loves the children a lot, transferring her physical energy into making them feel loved.

She loves to be wooed and pursued. It’s nothing serious, she just wants to be sure you mean what you say. Sometimes, it could just be that she is taking her time to choose the perfect partner.

Her elegance and good manners attract men to her. She also has good taste. If you want to express your love to her, don’t think your words are enough. Show her. The Taurus woman loves to be spoilt with luxury.

However, she might tire you out with her fastidiousness. Not being open to change, she can quench your adventurous plans. You need to have a great power of persuasion to be able to convince her to leave her routine and catch a different kind of fun.

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You and Taurus Man

Like the typical Taurus, he seeks security and stability. The Taurus man wants a relationship where he can feel secure and safe. The Taurus man slowly builds a solid relationship. It is expected that he is a long-term relationship guy.

As a thoughtful person, he is sensible and wise. He is down to earth and does not seek to be insensibly domineering in a relationship. This makes him understanding and attentive.

However, bearing the bull sign, he has an unnatural strong will. Sometimes, he can be indifferent to even reasonable criticism. The Taurus man stands fast on his opinion and choices.

To his credit, he rarely makes rash decisions and ponders patiently before concluding. So maybe you can blame him less for his sluggishness. It is borne out of confidence.

He might have a strong exterior, but on the inside, he is sensitive. Whenever he feels that the security of the relationship is being threatened. He gives in to jealousy. But really, who folds his hands and sees his investment go down the drain?

His romantic nature surely doesn’t come off as a surprise right? The Taurus man is highly sensual and given to the physical expression of love. However, he does not get to say “I love you” so often but he shows it.

The Taurus man is good with his hands. For him, sex is not just a necessity but must be thoroughly enjoyed. As the perfectionist he is, he never leaves his woman unsatisfied in bed. He takes foreplay seriously too.

You might find yourself doing most of the job in the relationship as the Taurus man is comfortable taking the back seat. Although, he is the perfect family man because he loves spending time in the house just chilling with his lover.

Rather than give a dozen gaudy trinkets, he will buy a single high-priced piece of jewelry. In other words, he knows how to lavish his woman with luxury.

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Famous Taurus People

Some interesting and famous personalities born under this Zodiac sign are Queen Elizabeth, David Beckham, Adele, Audrey Hepburn, William Shakespeare, James Brown, Travis Scott, Rami Malek, Noah Centineo, and Malcolm X.

You can easily fit in some of these personalities with some notable character traits and you find yourself nodding and saying oh yeah, now I see why they are so resilient or this or that.

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