Dylan Le

CEO & Founder, Astrologer and Author At LalaZodiac.com

Dylan Le is the CEO and managing editor of Loyo since 2020, as well as the CEO, Astrologer and Author of Lalazodiac since 2021. He has more than 5 Years of experience in Western astrology, which he frequently uses to give readings to clients all over the world. Dylan is known for his wit and friendly writing style, helping everyone understand themselves through strengths and weaknesses. Simultaneously, he also supports all couples dealing with their conflicts and balances differences to have a fulfilled relationship.

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Who is Dylan Le?

Dylan lived in a small mountainous town in VietNam, where the nights were painted with a tapestry of stars, undisturbed by city lights. His fascination with astrology was known to all, as he spent countless evenings by the sky, his gaze fixed upon the heavens, seeking the stories whispered by the cosmos.

With this newfound horizons, Dylan decided to embark on a journey. He believed that following the path suggested by the constellation would lead him to his true purpose. Along the way, he encountered people whose lives were touched by his passion for astrology, sharing insights and guiding them with the wisdom of the stars.

Dylan’s journey was transformative. Not only did he find his calling in helping others navigate their lives and relationships through astrology, but he also realized that the universe, in its infinite wisdom, always aligns us with our destiny, if only we are willing to look to the stars and listen.

Article by Dylan

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