15 Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You


Have you ever wondered what signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you when these astrological signs tend to be very closed and private? Surely, you’re not the only one asking this question.

You also admit to me Scorpio Man is not easy to read, don’t you? They’re hard to reveal their hearts and emotions just after several meetings. Even more, they often shroud their true feelings in layers of mystery, but isn’t that what makes them so intriguing?

In my years of astrology research, I’ve come to recognize no matter how much they try to hide or maintain control over their emotions, it’s not hard to spot the signs that he has feelings for you, due to their honesty and straightforward qualities.

Importantly, if you can understand what Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman on a deeper level, dating and connecting with these Water signs in your life will become much easier!

Now, let Lalazodiac dive into this article and explore 15 Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You.

15 Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You?

Scorpio man is known as mysterious and secretive, especially intending to hide their feelings and emotions under their cool and controlled appearance.

Thus, deciphering the emotions of this man might seem challenging, yet there are clear signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you.

1. Scorpio Man Acts Silly And Embarrassing When Around You

As Waters signs, Scorpio men are known for their intensity, and mysterious aura, especially in extremely connecting to their emotions. They tend to conceal their emotions, sentiments, and vulnerabilities underneath their self-controlled exterior.

So, this zodiac sign may have difficulty processing their emotions, when having affection for you. This is not typically intentional but rather signs of nervousness and awkwardness when a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you.

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Especially his silly actions are indicators of the emotional turmoil they are experiencing. It might be a defense mechanism to protect their true emotions and avoid direct rejection.

However, don’t worry when he suddenly acts unusual behaviors or becomes sullen or withdrawn because it is a part of their process of getting comfortable and open with their feelings.

2. Scorpio Man Doesn’t Think Second When Planning The Next Meeting

Scorpio natives are truly bluntly straightforward and honest beings. They really understand their emotions and control them very well.

Especially, these Water signs are so deep and intuitive to the point that seeing right through your mask and excel at reading people. That is why a Scorpio man will only ask you out the next if he feels that you are a good match for him.

This is rooted in their desire for intimacy and a meaningful relationship, blended with a devoted pursuit of mutual attraction and a fear of losing the precious bond they’ve begun to forge.

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3. Obviously! Scorpio Man Tries To Make Impression On You When He Has Feelings For You

Surely, when one of the signs a Scorpio man has feelings for you is how a Scorpio man flirts with you constantly. Believe me, you can be completely assured that, the rule of Mars brings Scorpio man initiative and assertiveness. He is not the type to wait around and leave you guessing.

At times, he will give you undivided attention, and show his emotions and affection through compliments and gifts. Even, he will also surprise you with thoughtful gestures to catch your attention, like cooking your favorite dish or buying books you love.

Furthermore, although often reserved about his feelings, when a Scorpio man is falling for you, he will start showing more emotion. This transition can be quite subtle – a hint of anxiety in his eyes, a softening in his voice, or an embrace of the vulnerability of love.

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4. When Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You, He Becomes Your Knight

Protectiveness is the love language of Scorpio Man. Not only does he not hesitate to step up to shield you from any problems or constantly look out for your interests. But this man also consistently finds ways to make you feel at ease in your space and make your life easier.

Truly, Scorpio men always possess a strong desire to ensure your safety. Yet, don’t think that Scorpio is jealous and possessive, but he sees you as someone precious in his heart and it’s a significant sign that his feelings for you are developed deeper.

5. Scorpio Man Frequently Starts Conversations With You Initiative

Scorpions, by nature, do not waste their time on fleeting interactions. So, his persistent initiative in initiating conversations, particularly through a distinctly proactive approach serves as a clear indication of his genuine interest and feelings for you.

This behavior is a definitive indicator of his interest, as Scorpios are typically reserved and guarded with their emotions, choosing to open up only to those they deeply trust and feel a strong connection with.

His willingness to reach out first, to bridge the gap between silence and dialogue, speaks volumes of the significance he places on your relationship.

6. When Scorpio Men Have Strong Feelings for You, This Doesn’t Stop At Just Small Talk; He’s On A Quest To Understand You To Your Core.

Truly, when a Scorpio man has feelings about you, the journey of understanding your core is unlimited. Known as curious creatures, these serious zodiac signs constantly explore your thoughts and points of view as well as your past, experiences, goals, or every detail of everyday life making you ticks.

Of course, you’ll see this man is sparing with talking about intimate conversations or questions touching romantic topics. Actually, it’s not that they don’t like you; conversely, he can’t help but try to discover more about you.

It’s just that before a Scorpio man is sure he likes you, he will restrain and control himself in your presence.

7. Scorpio Man Displays Their Feelings For You Through Texts

The Scorpio zodiac signs are intensely private and closed individuals who reserve their most frequent and intimate interactions for those they truly care about and see a future with.

These astrological signs are showing you a level of vulnerability and trust that is both rare and significant by choosing to open up the channels of communication so freely and frequently.

Whether it’s routine messages to see how you’re doing, calls just to listen to your voice, or sending you romantic lyrics, all he does is a deliberate effort to weave himself into the fabric of your daily life, especially in building and nurturing a deep and meaningful connection with you.

Even if he asks for a message to ensure you’ve arrived home safely, that’s a sign a Scorpio man has feelings for you through text.

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8. Scorpio Man Always Takes Every Opportunity To Be Around You

Of course, when a Scorpio man develops his feelings for you, he always looks for perfect reasons to be close to you, even when the two of you have no plans whatsoever.

Known for their great self-reliance and self-control, these astrological signs know when to draw closer to you and when to pull back to maintain some distance between you. They don’t want everything to become too personal too quickly if they’re not entirely sure about their feelings yet.

Yet, his actions often betray him. Scorpio men want to sit as close to you as possible and ensure his presence is felt dominantly. He always wants to be there while you’re facing a dilemma or simply providing comfort when you’re feeling down.

But what happens when a Scorpio man ignores what you struggle with and shies away, maybe it’s a sign a Scorpio man just wants to be friends.

9. Scorpio Man Reveals His Sexual Desire In Subtle And Wise Way

It’s no surprise that a typical Scorpio is the most lustful, sensual, and charming of the zodiac. With the rule of the 8th house and endowed with the energy of Mars, associated with libido and desire, Scorpio men typically consider sex as great instinct stimulation.

While they’re also not going to engage in the idea of having sex with a woman they don’t have an emotional bond, they won’t pursue a romantic relationship without a quick spark of sexual attraction. So, this subtlety in expressing a Scorpio man’s sexual attraction to you is not merely a tactic.

It’s a reflection of his respect for you and his desire for a genuine connection that transcends physical attraction. Scorpio men crave a deep connection where they can reveal their true selves but especially not crossing boundaries of respect or comfort.

10. Intense Eyes Is Never Lack When Scorpio Man Express His Feelings For You

Of course, the Scorpio zodiac signs are known for their intense and passionate eyes, especially in silent observations.

So, have you noticed his gaze lingering on you? Does it seem like he’s observing you, even from a distance? When your eyes meet, does he offer a smile or shyly divert his gaze, blushing a soft pink?

Whether you’re just passing by or moving around throughout the day, do you sense his eyes following you, catching him in those quiet moments of admiration? In my many years of experience, once a Scorpio man gazes into your soul, that’s one of the wonderful ways he expresses his feelings for you.

Despite that goes against their powerfully personal nature, he’s probably trying to convey his interest and gauge your reaction to the intensity and connection without using words.

11. Scorpio Man Constantly Tests Your Honesty And Trustworthiness

With skepticism and inherently wary, a Scorpio man does not readily place his trust in others. Thus, when he develops feelings for you, he initiates a series of tests to gauge your honesty and loyalty.

These astrological signs are keen on discovering the extent of your trustworthiness, your willingness to pursue him, and your overall compatibility with his intense emotional investment.

To this end, he may provoke you deliberately or withdraw momentarily, observing your reactions closely. These challenges, though trying, are his way of ensuring that his significant emotional investment is safe with you.

Demonstrating trustworthiness and transparency during these trials signals to him your genuine commitment. Successfully navigating through his scrutiny, you can encourage him to lower his defenses and encourage Scorpio Man to be ready to commit.

12. Scorpio Man’s Body Language Betrays Scorpio Man Once He Has Strong Feelings For You

According to “Body language in the brain: Constructing meaning from expressive movement”, researchers show “Body language is a powerful form of non-verbal communication providing important clues about the intentions, emotions, and motivations of others.”

Thus, once you’re with a Scorpio man the next time, you could observe body language signs a scorpio man likes you, try not to make it obvious, though.

Indications that he harbors romantic interests towards you involve him being close to your proximity, orienting his face and body towards you, leaning closer during conversations to minimize the distance, and imitating your body movements.

13. Scorpio Man Opens Up To You And Tells You More About His Personal Life

Okay, we’re talking about a Scorpio man, who is the most closed and mysterious being of the zodiac sign. Obviously, this astrological sign isn’t over-shy, especially around a woman he has feelings for.

Yet, he still maintains a certain level of secret when it comes to revealing aspects of himself. He always strives to keep his heart close behind his coat, as openly displaying it contradicts his profound private nature. All about his vulnerability.

So, when he lets you in on the secrets of his heart and the stories of his life, consider it a sign you hold a special place in his world and truly Scorpio man is obsessed with you.

14. A Scorpio Man Makes Emotional Connection

Scorpio man is known as a fixed sign meaning they’re looking for sustained stability. So, once he’s sure you’re very well worth investing in, he isn’t hesitant to spend valuable time with you.

He gives you active listening helping you feel adored and heard. Even, he looks deeper into your eyes with warmth making you forget what you’re saying.

In particular, you will gradually realize that their behaviors are changing, which is closer and nearer than the first stage together.

In your presence, he transforms into a realm of affection, passion, and excitement, unveiling a spectrum of emotions that beautifully intertwine with the joy of your company.

15. Scorpio Man Shows Affection In The Public

When a Scorpio man likes you, his affection in public settings may be subtly underscored by an undercurrent of envy. This is not the green-eyed monster of petty jealousy, but rather a complex emotional response rooted in Scorpio’s deep desire for emotional security.

This might involve holding hands or wrapping an arm around them, varying from subtle to overt public displays of affection depending on the individual’s comfort and situation.

As noted by Liz Greene in “The Astrology of Fate”, Scorpio’s envy often stems from a fear of loss or betrayal, a reflection of their intense investment in emotional bonds.

This territorial envy, however, is not necessarily negative. It is a manifestation of the Scorpio man’s profound commitment to those he cares for. It is his way of defending what he perceives as his emotional territory.

So, Do You Want To Get Scorpio Man Love You?

Now, that you know everything about the signs a Scorpio man has feelings for you, it’s crucial what you do next that attracts a Scorpio man and really determines where your relationship will go.

If you want to reciprocate his feelings and make a Scorpio man fall in love with you, pay attention to certain actions you can take to make him open up his heart to you, even a Scorpio man addicted to you.

And don’t do anything that might turn Scorpio man off or push him away, because once this man walks away, it’s very hard for him to come back.

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