Top 12 Reasons Why You Need A Leo Friend In Your Life


If you have the opportunity to be friends with a Leo in your life, you are SO freakin’ lucky. Leos are the type of friends that will invite you over, take you out for drinks, help you flirt, encourage that you go just a little too hard, but then still carry you home and tuck you in with a glass of water waiting next to you in the morning. Maybe you don’t already have a Leo friend. If not, you’re sincerely missing out. And here’s why:

Reason #1: You’ll NEVER have a dull moment.

Leo’ll tell jokes, play, do impersonations, and just about anything to entertain. In short: they’re social people! As fire signs, they’re driven and determined and that definitely takes form in our ability to mix, mingle, and collaborate with pretty much anyone. If you’re friends with a Leo, you can bet we’ll be making you laugh. There’s never a boring moment with them.

Reason #2: Your Leo friend will ALWAYS have your back.

Hell hath no wrath like a Leo whose friend is in danger. Loyalty doesn’t even BEGIN to explain the depth of their relationships with those they care for. No matter what, thick or thin, Hell or high water, Leos will ALWAYS be there with an arm outstretched. If you’re looking for a friend that will stick by their word no matter what… then look no further than the Leo. They possess strong traits of reliability and dependability and when they make a promise you can be sure that they will keep it.

Leo is a protector and their presence makes people feel safe.

Once you are part of their life, they will always be there for you. Just like a lion in a jungle, Leo is the leader of the group and feels a responsibility to protect the ones around them. If someone tries to confront a friend or family member of a Leo, you can bet they’ll step in before you can even blink. And they’ll roar.

Even if their loved one is “in the wrong,” they’ll defend them. They don’t take personal relationships lightly, so when they commit, they commit. When the shit hits the fan Leo tends to be the one that you can count on to bail you out.

Reason #3: Leo will tell you like it is. Nicely.

Leos aren’t the types to play confusing mind games with you and they don’t like to be sneaky or go behind people’s backs. Leos are very perceptive and very honest. Brutally honest. If they don’t agree with something you’re doing, they’ll DEFINITELY let you know. It’s not because they want to hurt you, but rather the opposite. It’s because they care.

Your Leo friend would never lie to you.

In the same vein, when you are friends with a Leo, they expect you to be just as straightforward with them. Hiding something from a Leo is dangerous. Leo does not like to be betrayed and they will show it with surprising emotional sensitivity. Leo will try to repair any breach of trust before walking away from a friendship. However, if you’ve gone too far in betraying your friend, you can forget any hope of making things right because Leo can also hold a grudge ( even though they’re naturally forgiving ).

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Reason #4: They’ll show you a good time, ALL the time.

When you’re at a party, Leos are that person to pour everyone shots, to get the wall-watchers on the dance floor, and to talk to LITERALLY every person in the building. They live for being social! They initiate the plans, find the hottest places to go, and will stay at the bar with you until closing time.

They’re the life of the party.

You don’t know a party until you’ve experienced a Leo party. They’re natural hosts and they love ensuring everyone is having a great time. If you ever go out on the town with a Leo, expect a long night full of laughing, bar-hopping, and memorable moments. Oh, and selfies. Leos loves selfies. So you’ll have pictures to remember them! ALWAYS.

Reason #5: Leos will go out with you even if they don’t want to because they promised they would and stick to their word.

People with good intentions make promises, but people with good character keep them. This represents the Leos. They will never bail on you last minute and blame it on the fact that they’re not “feeling it” or they’re “too tired”. They will stick to the plan no matter what and will make sure that you both have a great night.

Reason #6: They get mad and forget.

Never do they hold any grudges against their friends. They’re the most forgiving people you will ever meet.

Leo doesn’t have time to hang onto grudges and negative energy. They never dwell on the past and they will think you are strange if you do. Leos tend to be forgiving by nature and they’re not the types to keep grudges past their used by date. They see no point in hanging onto toxic and hateful emotions and would prefer to simply forgive and move on. A Leo is an ultimate friend. They do not hold a grudge and they are very forgiving. They have respect and understanding of people’s differences.

Leo will unleash FURY if you try to take advantage of their kindness.

The worst thing someone can do to them is to hurt their pride or be unappreciative of them. Sometimes Leo can be too kind for their own good and they may find that less savory characters try to take advantage of their generosity. If they catch you abusing their goodwill they will not hesitate to unleash the fury of their inner lion to scare you off trying your bullshit with them ever again.

Reason #7: Leos is deeply optimistic. They always have something good to say.

They will help you see the brighter side when the going gets tough.

Optimism is Leo’s favorite game to play. They were born in the midst of summer when life tends to be carefree, warm, and cheerful. A Leo is that happy-go-lucky friend that is always ready for a fun time. Even when you’re feeling down, your Leo BFF will incessantly boost your mood and do everything in their power to make you feel just as jovial as they are.

They’ll dance, sing, tell jokes, and anything else to spread their contagious positive energy to you. There is something about Leos that just gets your spirits high. Because they’re always so happy and cheerful, you always look forward to meeting them. They simply make your day!

Reason #8: Although they could be stubborn at times, they acknowledge when they’re wrong and are not afraid to tell you what they think.

Leos would rather end a fight than hold a grudge. Leos are not passive, they definitely know when to hold their ground, but if it means being in a useless fight, they will back down. That is because they value your relationship more than being right.

Reason #9: Leos are really, REALLY good wingmen.

If you’re with a Leo, chances are you’re probably smiling. As generally happy people, they don’t like to see those around them in unhappy moods. So they’ll do everything in their power to put a smile on your face. And that includes when they’re trying to get you with that lucky someone.

They’re free spirits. They’ll liberate you.

Just as the positivity of a Leo is contagious, so is their free spirit. A Leo will freely move from one subject of attention to another. They love to travel, and they will seek freedom and liberation. For those of you who find yourselves constantly trapped by your day-to-day tasks, you need a Leo friend. Their personality will liberate you and remind you just what it feels like to do what YOU want to do.

Reason #10: Leo is one of your most generous friends.

Leo loves to shower their friends with gifts when they have the financial means available to do so. And let’s face it, your Leo friend is pretty well off financially. Leo is the first to give you an expensive birthday gift or treat you to dinner because they love to share their wealth. Leo tends to be the go-getter, the leader, and the innovator in their field so they are pretty highly compensated for that and you get to reap the benefits as the friend of a Leo.

Need anything? Ask your friend and they are sure to lend you whatever you need. They’d be willing to empty their wallets to pay for you just so you can have a blast. And, when they’re broke, they’d never even hesitate to ask you to pay for them!

Reason #11: Leos will motivate and inspire you.

Calling a Leo action-oriented would be an understatement. When they see something they want, there’s no stopping them. They set a significant amount of personal goals that usually involve taking leaps in our careers, traveling the world, improving relationships, etc.

Their ambition and determination are received well by their friends and can be almost contagious. Leos will make and create anything and everything that will inspire their friends and their families. Your Leo friend will motivate you to be the better yourself.

Reason #12: Leos really, TRULY value you.

Leos love hard. They don’t just like you, they don’t just appreciate you, they value you. They want to hear everything about you – your life story, your dreams, your passions – and they want to help you achieve happiness. Once you have them as a friend, you’ve made a friend for life.

Leos genuinely care.

Leo prefers long-term friendships with a few close people that they can trust deeply. If you are friends with a Leo, they have picked you as one of their top ten people. Membership in this club is pretty exclusive, so you should feel good about being chosen as one of the few lucky enough to share the limelight. Leos show you what real friendships are like. They may hang out with a hundred people, but they are close to only a handful of them. Being the closest to a Leo is a privilege not everybody gets.

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