15 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Fighting His Feelings For You


Well, have you ever wondered what signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you when these zodiac signs always don’t open up to others easily and try not to show emotions and sentiments?

If you’re curious about the reasons behind the behavior of Scorpio man and seeking guidance on understanding their mysterious actions, You’ve come to the right place!

It may be a challenging and difficult task when Scorpio man is known for their complex nature and often keeps their true feelings under lock and key, leaving you in a confused and puzzled state.

Throughout my experience years working on astrology relationships, I’ve realized that no matter what a Scorpio man is full of mixed signals and silent messages, there are still subtle signs that can decipher.

Importantly, whether you have enough patience to uncover it or not, especially in learning more about what a Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman helps you connect and understand these men on a deeper level.

Don’t worry!

This article aims to guide you through the chaos of a Scorpio man’s heart and shed light on 15 signs that a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you.

15 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Fighting His Feelings For You

Once a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you, they might distance himself, yet his curiosity about your life reveals a fiery interest burning beneath a cool exterior.

If you want to navigate this complicated emotion, you need to require patience and a keen eye, as every guarded interaction and half-smile becomes a clue to unlocking his deepest affections.

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1. Scorpio Man Is Staring At You But Looking Away When You Catch, Even Avoiding Eye Contact With You Whenever And Wherever

A typical Scorpio is known for their penetrating gaze and secretive nature. When you catch a Scorpio man’s eyes staring at you, I confidently tell you it’s not merely one of the signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you but a silent battle between his heart and his mind.

From across the room or in crowded spaces, he observes you intently, his gaze lingering longer than necessary. However, their closed nature makes them feel embarrassed that they may get caught in the act. Even when he tries to maintain distance or appears disinterested, his eyes surely betray his true feelings.

2. Scorpio Man Behavior Is Inconsistent – He Blows Hot And Cold

Truly, the Scorpio zodiac signs are complicated, moody, and unpredictable creatures. No one can know anything beneath their cold and aloof exteriors.

So, have you ever seen your Scorpio men blow hot and cold almost without predicting? Do they embody sweetness and warmth, making you feel utterly certain of his interest in you one moment; the very next minute marks a stark transformation, as he retreats into a shell of distance and unresponsiveness?

And believe me, he is falling into a spiral of internal struggle, where he is torn between wanting to show vulnerability around you on the one side and hesitating to reveal some signs Scorpio man has true feelings for you on the other one.

3. Scorpio Man Always Cares About You, But He Doesn’t Admit It

As the master of hiding feelings, Scorpio man never lets anyone know his deepest emotions, due to their ruling planet, Pluto – the cold and mysterious destroyer, specializing in sowing fear.

Even, to the point that everyone always told me that they’re indifferent, emotionally distant, or cool creatures.

Paradoxically, possessing the assertive and dynamic energy of Mars, Scorpio men are proactive zodiac signs, so they won’t be able to resist acting sweet, doing caring, or unexpected motions for you in an unconscious way.

Scorpio might not verbalize it, but his actions, like his eyes, also betray his emotions. Even, you believe his intuition always stops him from enhancing your relationship in the next stage?

The truth is Scorpio man starts to establish their profound emotion with you, his caring nature declares to you it but he is struggling with his emotions and trying to get away from them.

Is there anything that still worries him or what’s in a divided mind as to what to do? Or have you wondered whether this is one of the signs a Scorpio man just wants to be friends?

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4. Scorpio Man Is Looking For Excuses To Talk About You…A Lot

Scorpio man is known as a curious and investigative zodiac sign. They never take things at face value, but rather, they methodically gather information from beneath the surface of people or situations bit by bit to uncover what is happening.

Thus, while he is fighting his feelings for you, it doesn’t stop him from constantly seeking reasons to strike up conversations with you.

You may notice that they walk past your office more often than necessary or that their way home has slightly changed so they can spend more time talking to you on the way back. Even, the chats may seem unrelated to emotions or future plans for both of you.

However, I advise you to understand that they don’t do nonsense. He will show genuine interest in what you say and what’s happening in your life, especially about your day, emotional state, or points of view. It’s just that he really dislikes losing control over himself in front of you.

5. However, Scorpio Man Avoids Getting Into Deep Conversations With You, Especially When He Clams Up If You Talk About Your Feelings

Of course, the truth is Scorpio Man is uncomfortable when you steer toward emotional and love conversations. You ask me why, huh? Because he is scared of vulnerability and is secretly resisting strong feelings for you, he is afraid he irresistibly controlling himself and going deeper into your relationship.

Truly, Scorpio men are extremely stubborn when it comes to love and relationships because of their fixed signs. And this discomfort isn’t due to a lack of interest but rather their inherent desire to maintain control. They prefer to navigate the depths of their emotions privately and guard their hearts until they feel secure enough to open up.

6. Never Lack Hypothetical Questions When A Scorpio Man Is Fighting His Feelings For You

Admittedly, Scorpio men avoid discussing romantic or emotional subjects in their talks with you. Yet, have you noticed that they always look for opportunities to ask you random questions?

Scorpio men are not ones to express their emotions directly or publicly. Instead, they cautiously probe with questions or tease you to gauge your reactions to certain things because they want to know whether you would welcome their future offers or not.

Such are Scorpio men; they are afraid of rejection and fear of failure. This could significantly impact his ego and his sense of masculinity for an extended period when he doesn’t succeed in winning your affection, or if he discovers his feelings are unreturned.

Thus, this explains why he conceals his feelings for you. Truthfully, he won’t declare his love until he wants to know for sure that he has even the slightest chance with you.

7. Scorpio Man Always Says “What Are We To Each Other?” Although He Still Spends Time With You

According to the research “Time Spent Together in Intimate Relationships: Implications for Relationship Functioning” conducted by Jasara N. Hogan et al, couples who dedicate a significant portion of their time to conversation report higher levels of satisfaction, observe more positive attributes in their relationships, and feel a deeper sense of intimacy.

This may cause hurt and discomfort when Scorpio man spends much time for you, seems he still denies the relationship between you two.

Scorpios are intensely protective of their emotions. They fear getting hurt and have trust issues. Thus, when they’re fighting their feelings, they might seek reassurance about where they stand in the relationship and what you expect from them.

It seems this question offers insight into the internal struggle of Scorpio men in expressing their emotions but also a way to gauge the level of commitment or emotional investment you’re bringing into the bond.

Simultaneously, this is a wonderful way of testing the waters without fully exposing his vulnerabilities. It’s a method to understand your intentions and feelings towards him without him having to open up completely first.

And the most heartbreaking and agonizing thing of all is…

8. Scorpio Man Doesn’t Officially Date While You Two Always Hang Out Together

Have your group outings evolved into exclusive meetings just between the two of you? Perhaps a Scorpio man suggests lunch together, offers a movie outing, or visits a museum. Even in group settings, he ensures you’re invited and will attend.

These intimate get-togethers, which seem akin to dates, might leave you confused. However, it does not cause excessive concern but it merely indicates Scorpio man doesn’t have certainty about his feelings.

He enjoys your company and desires to be with you, yet he hasn’t mustered the courage to formally ask you out. Thus, you will quickly realize that subconsciously, this man has feelings for you but hasn’t allowed his emotions to dictate his actions yet, likely because he is still wary of his own feelings.

9. Yet, The Scorpio Man’s Words And Body Language Do Not Match

It’s no surprise all we know is that Scorpio and sex are two concepts that go hand in hand in astrology. due to the rule of the 8th house which rules sex, desire, and the mysteries of life.

When a Scorpio man feels sexually attracted to you, these astrological signs tend to follow hard physically after you or touch carelessly more often. This not only does he prevent other guys from flirting with you but also wants to connect with you on a deeper intimate level.

So, when Scorpio men are fighting their feelings for you, their words seem quite indifferent and cool at first glance, even evading these meaningful chats with you as I mentioned above. But a closer look reveals a dissonance between what he says and how he acts.

His heart might be trying to deny the truth, but his mind is tired of holding him back. Especially, you may notice in social situations, that he becomes anxious and clumsy whenever he’s near you.

What’s happening? Scroll to the next point…

10. Scorpio Man Acts Awkward Around You, Especially Holding Back From Being Alone With You

You might notice a Scorpio man acting awkwardly in your presence, seemingly hesitant to be alone with you. This behavior is paradoxical, considering their reputation for confidence and control. Truly, they are likely trying to suppress their feelings to behave normally around you.

However, as we all know, consciously attempting to control something that was once spontaneous often results in awkwardness. They might have difficulty speaking fluently, exhibit nervous behaviors, awkwardly interrupt the conversation, or turn red in your presence. These behaviors suggest that his emotions for you are intense enough to create a sign that a Scorpio man is obsessed with you.

Thus, this awkwardness is often a shield, a way to protect his emotions as he gauges yours. It’s a combination of vulnerability and strength, where he’s trying to ascertain the safety of his heart before when a Scorpio man likes you.

11. Scorpio Man Always Wonders What You Are Doing

A Scorpio man’s interest in your activities goes beyond mere curiosity; it’s a testament to his deep, albeit covert, affection. He’s naturally curious, desiring to know everything about the person who’s captured his attention. This constant wondering is part of his way of staying connected, even from afar.

It’s not only his method of showing care without overtly invading your space but also one of the best signs a Scorpio man is testing you without making it public.

12. Scorpio Man Is Secretly Jealous Of Your Previous Boyfriends Or Partners

Underneath the Scorpio man’s composed exterior lies a whirlpool of emotions, including a secret jealousy of your past relationships. This jealousy isn’t always rational, and he might not even express it directly.

However, it’s a clear indication of his intense feelings for you. He sees your past partners as competitors for a place in your heart that he’s striving to secure.

13. Scorpio Man Notices Every New Guy That Approaches You

Known for a keen observant nature, Scorpio man is acutely aware of any new male presence around you. This awareness isn’t born out of insecurity, but rather, it’s a reflection of protective Scorpio’s jealous and possessive streak.

He wants to ensure that no one threatens the bond you share and views each new guy as a potential rival in the silent battleground of love. And if you couldn’t meet the need for his security and understanding, even it could cause….

14. Scorpio Man Gets Angry With You Without Any Valid Reason

This may sound nonsense but it’s actually true for a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you. As a fixed Water sign, these Scorpions are extremely moody and temperamental. Especially, have you ever found yourself puzzled by the sudden shift in a Scorpio man’s demeanor, particularly when he seems inexplicably angry at you?

This enigmatic behavior might signal something far deeper than a mere annoyance, which could signify a Scorpio man wrestling with his feelings for you. Experts in psychology and human behavior, Dr. Judith Orloff suggest that emotions like anger can indeed serve as a smokescreen for deeper feelings.

So, this is an intriguing concept in the study of human emotions that people often mask their true feelings with more easily expressed emotions. In this context, anger can be a defensive mechanism to hide vulnerability, including the burgeoning feelings of affection or love.

15. Scorpio Man Always Maintains The Personal Space Between You Two And Have No Intention To Push Boundaries

One of the signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you is that he might intentionally create emotional or physical distance to hide his feelings.

He may reduce communication frequency, seem less interested in conversations, or steer away from topics related to emotions or romance. By maintaining this distance, his goal is to prevent his feelings from becoming too obvious to you and to himself.

Well, you might notice that, even then, he still makes an effort to text you as much as he can, he still sends a text to make sure you get home if you have to drive in a storm.

Because men, generally, always have the urge to want to help and care for a woman they truly have feelings for, and this zodiac sign is no exception. So, if your Scorpio has this great signal, it’s one of the signs Scorpio man has feelings for you through text.

Why A Scorpio Man Acts Like He Doesn’t Care You?

Inheriting these typical personality traits of Water signs, Scorpio men possess emotional depth and passionate intensity. These astrological signs always face the fear of vulnerability and have trust issues, especially in a protective mechanism to guard against potential emotional pain.

Thus, once a cautious Scorpio man doesn’t get sure about your sentiments and feelings or can’t gauge the level of commitment or emotional investment you’re bringing into the relationship, surely, he never moves first.

Even if if you understand him well enough, there are some signs Scorpio man likes you but is hiding it.

What To Do When A Scorpio Man Is Holding Back His Feeling

Scorpio men are known for their intensity and depth of emotions but also for their guarded nature. If you notice this pattern, the advice is to approach the situation with understanding rather than retaliating which is one of the best ways how to impress a Scorpio man.

Moreover, getting angry in response might just alienate him further. Instead, offering patience and a willingness to understand what’s really going on can create a pathway to genuine connection. Remember, beneath that stormy exterior could be a sea of feelings he’s just not ready to navigate.

With many years of research about relationship astrology, I confidently advise you your patience and empathy are one of the most important keys in attracting a Scorpio man. What is more interesting? Dive out into how to attract a Scorpio man if you want to learn more.

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