November 3 Zodiac Signs: The Enduring Breath


“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end.” — Denis Waitley

Those born on the November 3 zodiac sign are Scorpio.

In general, these astrological signs are persistent and tenacious individuals who have no hesitation to face challenges and difficulties despite what happens. You can see how persistent they are to achieve what they desire because they’re enduring enough for a long-suffering fight in life. Whatever they do, they leave an individual touch there.

Especially, people celebrating November birthdays today sometimes feel as if they are being pulled in two opposite directions. However, when there is a conflict between your mind and your emotions, you’re more apt to follow your heart than your head.

One of their most significant strengths is their profound and sharp understanding. Driven to delve and persist until the core of an issue is uncovered, combined with their empathetic nature and warmth allowing the November 3 zodiac to intuit the emotions of others. This trait not only aids in comprehending people’s needs but also in assessing their circumstances accurately.

  • Before turning 19: The Nov 3 zodiac might undergo transformative shifts, paving the way for significant personal development.
  • Post the age 19: As their progressed Sun enters Sagittarius, a surge of optimism sweeps in, prompting a desire for a broader perspective. This could inspire pursuits such as traveling, seeking truth, or engaging in academic endeavors.
  • Beyond 49: With the progressed Sun moves into Capricorn, a more pragmatic, realistic, and structured approach takes hold, aiding in the pursuit of the objectives of the Nov 3rd zodiac.
Zodiac signScorpio
Astrological symbolThe Scorpion
Ruling planetPluto (Modern) and Mars (Ancient)
Ruling houseThe Eighth House
Birth Date rulerJupiter
Tarot cardThe Empress
ArchetypeThe Triumph
DayThe Culture Day in Japan, One Health Day
Lucky numbers3 and 5
Lucky daysTuesday and Thursday
Lucky colorsGreen and Red
BirthstoneTopaz or Citrine
Motto“I desire!”
FamousDavid Schwimmer, Nelly, Kendall Schmidt, Stevie J, London Elise Kress and Hannah Hart

November 3 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpions born on November 3rd are intelligent and full of great ideas. They can cope with difficulties well, so many people ask them for advice. As a friend, they are honest and reliable.

Other typical traits of a Nov 3 zodiac sign include passion, determination, and curiosity.

November 3 Zodiac Sign Scorpio: Positive Traits

These November 3 zodiac sign Scorpio natives, in their essence, are the very embodiment of resilience and determination.

They confront life’s manifold challenges with a resolute gaze and a steadfast heart, undeterred by the specter of hardship. You can witness the depth of their resolve in the unwavering pursuit of their aspirations.

Possessing admirable patience, these Nov 3rd zodiac individuals are not merely to endure but to thrive amidst protracted struggles.

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Combined with the competitive spirit that drives them forward, they face to difficulties with formidable composure, secretive presence, and the ability to keep calm under pressure.

Scorpios are patient and determined
Scorpios are patient and determined

Without moaning or screaming, they waited for the perfect moment to act. To the point that others have the impression that they are indecisive and lacking in confidence. Thanks to it, the November 3 zodiac seldom meets setbacks due to rash or untimely actions.

And because the Nov 3 zodiac signs possess a straightforward turn of mind and a remarkable talent for organization, even, many will have formulated their life plans as early as childhood.

Their strategies indeed catch their adversaries off guard, yet this is more likely the result of careful planning as opposed to spur-of-the-moment decisions or gut feelings.

In every endeavor, the November 3 zodiac Scorpio natives infuse a distinct impression of their spirit, an indelible mark of their personal zeal and dedication. Each step they take is a testament to their tenacious grasp on the dreams they yearn to realize.

But the most important thing is that they possess remarkable focus, a personality that they would not be able to achieve success without. However, perhaps the most pronounced characteristic of November 3 personality is that of ambition-driving.

The objectives they pursue can differ widely among individuals: for some, the focus may be on self-improvement, targeting enhancements in social standing or financial well-being; for others, the aim might be to make a meaningful impact on society at large.

Moreover, the influence of Pisces with the rule of Neptune, due to their decan ruler, gives them great inner vision, psychic abilities, and receptivity. Their journey is not solitary, for their genuine warmth and empathetic nature make them adept at perceiving the silent stirrings of others’ hearts.

This gift allows the Nov 3 zodiac to be consummate companions in understanding, guiding, and appraising the human condition alongside those they encounter.

And perhaps due to their artistic ability, they are naturally curious with a penchant for following the heart rather than logical thoughts.

Maria Shriver, born on the November 3 zodiac into the Kennedy family, is an accomplished journalist and advocate who has made her mark independently of her family’s political legacy. Shriver’s work extends beyond journalism into significant advocacy, especially for Alzheimer’s research, inspired by her father’s battle with the disease.

She has written books and founded The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement to investigate why the disease disproportionately affects women. As the former First Lady of California, she continued to champion social and health causes for women and the wider community.

Her story is one of determination, using her talents to forge a successful career while also dedicating herself to social causes, highlighting the power of using one’s influence to drive change and offer support to those in need.


November 3 Zodiac Sign Scorpio: Negative Traits

Nov 3 Scorpios are indeed confident, but sometimes they can get a little presumptuous. They tend to make fun of others too. In that way, they leave people feeling uneasy and may make enemies.

On top of that, people born on Nov 3 are often cold-hearted and unfriendly to strangers. They are infamous for having the ability to destroy the opponent using verbal language.

Therefore, people find Scorpios quite intimidating to make friends, although this Zodiac Sign is a perfect buddy.

Another negative trait of Nov 3 people can be jealousy. They consider everything a competition, and they will be furiously jealous when someone gets what they do not have.

In some cases, the jealousy even becomes resentful. It leaves Scorpios with a deep grudge and anger with others.

Although Scorpio zodiac signs are honest, they never show their cards. They are likely to keep their feelings, as well as ideas, to themselves.

However, when their intense feelings become repressed, Scorpios may be dissatisfied. They turn to self-indulgence as a form of compensation.

And what’s worse, they are subject to self-destructive behaviors and lifestyles. Specifically, they can get hooked on drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

November 3 Zodiac Sign: Love and Relationship for Astrology

Scorpios believe in true love. They are always ready to forgive anyone for past mistakes, as long as the other person can ignite a fire in their soul.

Once they find their soulmate, they tend to flirt a lot until the other completely falls for them. They are also willing to devote time and effort to maintain the relationship.

These Scorpio men and women are best attracted to sincere partners who are full of empathy. They want someone to listen without prejudice and strive to understand them.

As a lover, a Scorpio has a considerate and affectionate nature. They are idealistic and romantic at the same time, with powerful yet sensitive feelings. More excitingly, they are fun and caring. They know how to motivate and lift the mood of their partner.

Nov 3 zodiac signs are passionate when in love.
Nov 3 zodiac signs are passionate when in love.

With strangers, they may not reveal their emotions, but as couples, Scorpios feel free to express themselves.

However, they may become unpredictable and dependent on their partner when intense emotions are blocked. Generally speaking, Scorpios are more fond of long-term relationships than quick flings.

But if you attempt to test the patience of a Scorpio by messing around and telling lies, they will not hesitate to break up with you. Keep in mind that Scorpio zodiac signs value the truth most.

  • Compatibility:
    • Scorpio’s waters blend harmoniously with the emotional depths of the zodiac lovers born the fellow Water signs such as Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. These bonds often foster a profound understanding rooted in shared sensitivities.
    • November 3 Zodiac sign compatibility is well-suited with Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Scorpio finds a stabilizing force, grounding its intense emotions with a comforting sense of reliability.
  • Incompatibility:
    • Scorpio often struggles with the impulsive and overtly candid nature of Fire signsAries, Leo, Sagittarius – as their unrestrained expression can clash with Scorpio’s penchant for privacy and control.
    • Similarly, the intellectual and often detached approach of Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius may feel at odds with Scorpio’s intense emotional depth. This mismatch can lead to Scorpio feeling misunderstood and unappreciated.

November 3 Zodiac Sign Birthday: Career

When it comes to career life, Scorpios are real fighters. They possess remarkable persistence and are perfectly calm at times of risk. They always strive to achieve their own goals, and thus, they normally get a promotion quickly.

Another characteristic trait of a November 3rd zodiac sign is loyalty, and it applies to the workplace as well. They are likely to stick to a company or a profession for a long time, even their whole lives.

Individuals with the Scorpio zodiac sign are uniquely poised between the realms of the behind-the-scenes and the spotlight, thanks to the influence of the number three associated with their birth date.

This intriguing blend often propels them towards professions where they can wield influence from behind the curtains or bask in the attention of an audience.

Educational fields and entertainment industries are particularly apt for such Scorpios, providing platforms where their impact on others can be profound and palpable.

Their sharp intuition and keen insight give them an edge in roles that require digging beneath the surface to unearth hidden truths. Coupled with an innate skill for language, Scorpios excel as detectives, journalists, and writers, where they can navigate and narrate the complexities of the human experience.

Additionally, their methodical and analytical approach is a valuable asset in the field of medical research, where their propensity for investigation can contribute to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.

Actually, they are highly suitable for occupations that involve creativity, such as design, media, or advertising. They often seek inspiration through arts or spirituality.

Some famous people working in the art industry were born on November 3rd: Anna Wintour, Charles Bronson, Lois Smith.

November 3 Zodiac: Friend

Although Scorpios may seem hard to approach at first, they are actually a great friend with loyalty and honesty. They give useful advice to solve your problems.

More interestingly, they have a unique way of expression. Therefore, people love listening to their advice and often seek them out for help.

Scorpios treat their friends with sympathy and warmth. They are highly compassionate and take good care of others. People enjoy spending time with Scorpios, and Scorpios are also happy about that.

However, if you have a friend with a November 3rd zodiac sign, be aware that they highly value privacy. More specifically, they dislike the idea of dropping by without informing them first.

November 3 Zodiac: Family Life

Scorpios tend to have a conflict with their parents since childhood, and people having November 3rd birthday are no exception. They have a quite sensitive nature, so parents need to deal with them carefully.

Otherwise, it could leave childhood trauma that Scorpios need lots of time and space to recover. In addition, they can develop a strong aversion to teachers, bosses, etc., when growing up.

Meanwhile, as parents, they are a little over-protective. They are attached and always strive to establish a close relationship with their children, sometimes to such an extent that the children feel uneasy.

Nov 3 Scorpios always try to be close with their children. 
Nov 3 Scorpios always try to be close with their children.

November 3 Zodiac: Health

As a November 3 Zodiac Sign tends to suppress their emotions at all costs, they may subsequently experience many psychological and physical issues. And the aforementioned self-destructive lifestyles will even worsen the problem, resulting in several diseases.

Word of warning: Scorpios are susceptible to digestive disorders, kidney stones, stomach ulcers, and worst of all, cancer.

Fortunately, Nov 3 people are enthusiastic about a fitness regimen. They will struggle to adhere to any plan that requires obedience, no matter how physically demanding it is. Once they find a suitable fitness plan, they can avoid stress and negative impulses.

Advice for People Born on the November 3 Zodiac Sign

Useful advice for people for this zodiac sign is to learn to trust their instincts or first impressions. As mentioned above, Scorpios are gifted with psychic abilities, so following your intuition can help overcome doubts and hesitation.

In addition, you should learn to restrain the aggressive side of yourself. Try to be more friendly and not make fun of others, especially strangers.

With acquaintances, it is advisable to express your emotions more harmoniously as well as learn to forgive. Do not get too upset over an incident. And when you cannot handle the relationship, it is better to let them go.

Last but not least, you should beware of self-indulgence. Of course, it is essential to relax and have fun after working hard. But if you find yourself procrastinating when buried under work, you should seriously hold back pleasure and get back to work.

The Bottom Line

November 3 zodiac signs are the talented and passionate water signs of the zodiac. They can be a reliable friend as well as a great employee at work.

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