How To Make A Scorpio Man Chase You, 20 Helpful Tips!


Honestly, are you wondering how to make a Scorpio man chase you when he is known for giving his heart away so hard, playing cool, and not being easy to approach him, right?

Truly, the heart of Scorpio Man is something that is so difficult to capture. I know countless girls out there who are desperate and confused about his unpredictable, unapproached, and mysterious exterior.

However, it’s not that there are no ways, my girls, it’s just that we need to reconsider whether these methods have been right for them or not.

But worry not, you can make a Scorpio man fall head over heels for you with the right strategy. Especially if you truly possess the potential to excite his passion for the chase, don’t you?

Moreover, understanding a Scorpio man, especially when you understand what a Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman can provide you with some clues that help you know how to make Scorpio man impressed on you.

So, if you want to know how to make a Scorpio man chase you, keep reading my article!

10 Tips How To Make A Scorpio Man Chase You:

1. Does Scorpio Man Like To Be Chased?

No no, a Scorpio man doesn’t like to be chased. Instead, let this zodiac sign take the initiative in romantic pursuits because your masculine Scorpio man is an instinctively powerful and self-mastery creature.

He craves to go after what he wants or everything he can’t have because it makes him feel stimulated and masculine. In turn, if you play it so easily, they lose interest in you and take you for granted. Simultaneously, he dislikes a woman who intends to manipulate and control him.

Dr. Helen Fisher, a renowned anthropologist and expert on love and relationships, suggests that the chase is often an essential part of male psychology regarding courtship.

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She explains that pursuing a romantic interest triggers the brain’s reward system for many men, releasing dopamine and other feel-good chemicals, making the chase inherently pleasurable.

Maybe, Scorpion doesn’t rush into you boldly and impulsively as fiery Fire signs but it’s no less intensive and passionate. Just your serious Scorpio man wants to consider it carefully and observe sharply from miles away until he gets sure that you’re born for him.

So, you should show him your trustworthiness and prove that you are the ideal person for him. I’ll explain more in the next point…

2. Win His Trust By Showing Your Loyalty And Genuine Is One Of The Great Ways How To Get A Scorpio Man To Chase You

Certainly, your loyalty and trustworthiness are some of the wonderful mysteries that make a Scorpio man chase you.

And you’re completely assured that he’s willing to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to a woman they love and make a stable and profound connection with whom they see their fate.

Yet, the Scorpio zodaic sign comes into this life with a transformative destiny when Pluto plunges them into the depths of the utmost anguish, a gloomy underworld where they must confront truth, cruelty, and fear.

So, this Water sign possesses a certain emotional vulnerability, and any losses in this bond cause him severe injury. Thus, they will want to be sure about someone before committing and look for the ideal life partner to have the same level of devotion.

So, I honestly advise you to disclose any secrets, especially preferably doing so at the earliest opportunity, if not that could potentially cause problems as the relationship develops.

Everyone knows that your Scorpio man possesses deep eyes and acute intuition which helps him see through any mask and disguise. And you know, Scorpio man finds it hard to forgive any betrayals or deception.

3. Building an Emotional Bond and Revealing Your Innermost Feelings To Scorpio Man

Well, a typical Scorpio possesses extremely powerful intuition and feels anything running deep beneath the surface. The energy of Pluto brings them attraction to the hidden underworld, depth, and transformation. That is no wonder when Scorpio men crave to go along on the sacred growing journey of the soul with their partner.

Scorpio Man is interested in experiencing the various depths of your being. These aspects aren’t limited to just the joyful, cheerful, and dynamic sides. He also desires to understand your shadowy facets.

Thus, to truly make a Scorpio man chase you, don’t be afraid to express yourself, be genuine to yourself when interacting with him, and open up your own real.

Show him the depths of your soul by sharing your most intimate fears, dreams, and aspirations, and invite him to unveil his own in return.

This level of openness and vulnerability fosters a profound emotional bond, laying the foundation for a relationship that is not only enduring but also deeply meaningful.

Especially, this also makes Scorpio man more comfortable and lets his guard down. More importantly, Scorpio Man also needs an emotional anchor when he’s struggling with vulnerability and weakness.

That is why you need to scroll to my next part to look for the tips.

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4. Becoming An Emotional Support And A Source Of Calm For Scorpio Man When He Needs It

Belonging to the Water signs, these zodiac signs possess passionate emotions and intense feelings. Their empathetic nature and sympathy make them pick up on the emotions of others easily whether they desire or not.

That is why no matter how Scorpio men keep their own themselves balance, they find it hard to escape from losing control.

Continuing from the foundation of establishing a deep emotional bond with a Scorpio man, becoming his emotionally solid shoulder takes your connection to a heightened level.

Because when Scorpio man navigates through their intense emotions, your presence is a calming and reassuring force amidst their tumultuous sea of feelings.

This strengthens your role as a reliable pillar of support and understanding, making you indispensable in his life. Especially by deeply anchoring emotionally, you intensify his pursuit and establish a trust so deep that he sees you as his confidant, protector, and crucially, the guardian of his heart.

5. Don’t Stop Flirting Constantly With Your Scorpio Man Subtly

Well, it’s out of the controversy, our Scorpio man is famous as a passionate and intensive zodiac sign, especially in being drawn to arousal desire for intimacy, and highly sexual drive. So, why don’t you take your sensual side to your advantage?

When you continuously flirt with Scorpio men in a nuanced and understated manner, you keep the spark of charm alive, especially when combined with the art of expressive body language can create an irresistible allure. And it’s surely better when understanding a Scorpio man’s favorite body part on a woman.

These astrological signs are deeply intuitive and responsive to non-verbal cues, making body language a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Yet, this doesn’t mean being overtly forward and revealing too much or too soon; rather, it’s about a playful exchange of looks, the occasional touch that lingers slightly longer than necessary.

Mirroring his movements, maintaining eye contact that holds just a bit longer than casual, and strategic touches that signal your interest can amplify the chemistry between you.

Additionally, your approach should weave together light, playful teasing, and conversations laden with depth and alluring, or the artful use of words that suggest more than they reveal.

Well, that should suffice. You’ve cast your line into the water; now, all that remains is to wait for a nibble. And believe me when I say – the kind of fish we’re talking about here will definitely take the bait!

6. One Of The Ways How To Make A Scorpio Man Chase You Is Trying To Set Sexual Boundaries, Especially Don’t Sleep With Him Too Soon

Like everyone always says, “Why pay for something you can get for free?” It’s true. To make a Scorpio man chase you, it’s important to set clear sexual boundaries, especially not sleeping with him too soon or making out with him right away on the first date.

I have had many girlfriends and clients share their regrets about having sex with a man too soon. They feel emotionally and physically connected in that moment. But after that, it often seems to notice a change in how men perceive them usually not positively.

Whether Scorpions prefer a relationship or connection that provides them with uses or benefits, naturally, they highly appreciate behaved women who value loyalty and don’t get wilded.

He probably won’t appreciate you if you show him that getting you into bed doesn’t take much time or effort. He may think you go easy on people and don’t value you as a woman who only shares herself before commitment. And when he gets what he wants, he might not find you interesting anymore, even doesn’t value you.

Thus, maintaining a physical connection without crossing established boundaries is necessary to create a solid and passionate pursuit on his part.

Physical affection, intimacy, and sexual overtones can create a deep emotional connection when carefully considered.

7. How To Get A Scorpio Man To Chase You Through Text

I’m sure texting plays an important role in these first stages of a relationship because it’s not only one of the easiest ways to grab his attention, but also holds an amount of ultimate power.

This makes Scorpio man pursue you relentlessly and crave for you as though you’re the final fragment of sunlight in a world plunged into the eternal darkness of Armageddon.

Yet, it depends on your approach. You can strike the perfect chord with precisely chosen words, but the wrong one can make things hard.

Striking a balance between showing no interest and too much interest can be a game-changer when you want a guy to chase you over text.

So, why don’t you jump right into my tips on how to text a Scorpio man, it’s helpful to look into what a Scorpio man texting style is to get him head over heels for you.

8. Why Don’t You Stimulate Scorpio Man’s Protective Instinct By Asking For His Help Or Any Opinions?

As Water signs, Scorpio men are deeply empathetic and intuitive, making them excellent sources of support for their partners.

These zodiac signs are willing to listen, understand, and provide comfort during times of distress. Obviously, your Scorpio man is known as a passionate protector, who powerfully moves mountains for their loved ones.

And I know we’re in an age where women rely on men less and less especially no less 100% ladies like to take care of my own problems. But anyway, men always really want to play masculine and take initiative role in their connection.

According to relationship expert James Bauer, all men have biological drivers. When you know how to stimulate the hero instincts, it leads to strengthening your relationship and fostering deeper connection.

So, I advise you don’t forget to ask for his help and assistance for your difficulties.

Once you seek his opinions and advice on matters important to you, you not only let Scorpio men showcase their loyalty and sincerity but also imply that you need him, trust and respect his judgment, further solidifying their role as leaders in the relationship.

This also triggers his interest, and nurtures meaningful exchanges, prompting him to pursue you further as he feels valued and respected. It satisfies the innate human desire to be appreciated and boosts their self-worth and confidence.

9. Increasing Your Mystery And Enigma Around Scorpio Man, But No Playing Games

Well, when it comes to ways to attract a Scorpio man to make them chase you, your mystery and secrets are indispensable things. Truly, we all know that these Scorpio creatures are innately curious.

With the rule of Pluto, the planet of obsession, control, and power, they naturally love to discover hidden things in every aspect of life, and can’t bear not understanding everything about a potential mate.

And when this zodiac sign sees mysterious elements in a woman, this activates his investigative nature and spurs his desire to pursue her. Thus, the harder you play to get, the more they want to chase you.

Remember my words, don’t reveal every detail about your life at all once and become an open book easily, instead, you could keep everything private and secretive.

Revealing about yourself too soon could disinterest Scorpio man as the intrigue to unravel disappears. Thus, you can push him to constantly guess, learn more about you, and crave to uncover your layers deeper.

Especially, with my understanding of Scorpio man, you continue to leave them wondering about your origins of distinct appearance and personality. Because when you maintain an air of enigma he absolutely feels compelled to chase.

Being mysterious doesn’t equate to secretive, deceitful, or dishonest. Instead, it involves revealing yourself bit by bit, which helps you two savor the journey of mutual discovery while maintaining a sense of excitement and letting the relationship grow naturally.

It’s important not to appear manipulative or to give the impression that you’re unpredictably alternating between warmth and distance merely as a tactic to incite his pursuit. He’s likely to recognize such behavior as a product of his own doubts and wariness.

Ensure that each time you’re together, you leave behind a lasting impression, something that keeps you on his mind long after you’ve parted ways for the day or night.

10. You Want Scorpio Man But Leave Him Want You More

I understand that when you meet a guy who you really like and can’t resist his charming temptation, especially when that person is a Scorpio man, you tend to throw your own wholeheartedly into a bond.

Not only just you, but all women tend to bare their hearts, speak up frankly, and feel compelled to quickly show everything to him immediately.

Don’t, don’t, don’t do that. Please, don’t forget the dark side of Scorpio Man in the relationship. Truly, we all know that Scorpio is a manipulator in disguise despite his Water sign nature.

Let your Scorpio man take the initiative and trigger him to pursue you instinctively, instead of letting him take you as a conquered task and fulfilled mission.

Premature full disclosure risks snuffing out the initial flicker before it can mature into a steady glow. Often, embracing reticence can be incredibly attractive.

Boosting your confidence is essential in becoming irresistibly attractive to a man.

Confidence acts like a key, wrapping your self-worth in an aura that not only captivates but also sets you apart. This makes you intriguing, creating a deep fascination and desire in him to come closer.

5 Ways How To Make A Scorpio Man Chase You After Breakup

If you’re looking to rekindle that spark and make him realize what he’s missing. Here’s your guide to turning the tables and making a Scorpio man chase you, post-breakup.

1. You Don’t Hesitate to let Scorpio Man Go

The power of walking away should never be underestimated, particularly with Scorpio men. These individuals are known for their depth, intensity, and somewhat possessive nature in relationships.

When you decide to let go, it does more than just signal your independence; it shakes the very foundation of your ego.

For a Scorpio, the realization that you are not just waiting around for them can be a jarring wake-up call. It’s not about playing games; it’s about showing them that your world doesn’t revolve around them.

In many cases, this is the trigger that makes them want to step up their game. They thrive on the challenge and, deep down, want to prove to you (and perhaps themselves) that they are indeed the partner you deserve.

It’s the beginning of the chase – a pursuit not just for reconciliation but for proving their worth.

2. Stay True to Your Values

Scorpio men respect strength and authenticity. In the whirlwind that follows a breakup, it’s crucial to remain anchored to your core values.

This doesn’t just mean standing firm in your beliefs and standards but also showing him that you’re not willing to compromise your integrity for the sake of reconciliation.

A Scorpio man is drawn to individuals who know their worth and aren’t afraid to show it. This adherence to your values is attractive because it signals confidence and self-respect.

It’s a reminder of what he loves about you: your strength, your authenticity, and the unique qualities that make you, you.

3. Have A Life Of Your Own

I believe that everyone has their own life, with passions and needs, and we shouldn’t suppress these for anyone. Showing a Scorpio man that you have a fulfilling life outside of the relationship is paramount.

Engage in hobbies, spend time with friends and family, and chase your career aspirations.

A Scorpio man is drawn to the mystery and allure of someone who leads a full, engaging life. It makes you more desirable and reminds him of the dynamic individual he fell for.

4. Keep Up with Your Appearance

Scorpio men are intensely physical creatures who appreciate beauty and effort in appearance.

Post-breakup, when you bump into him or even in the digital realm through social media, let him see the vibrant, confident, and sexy individual he fell in love with.

This doesn’t mean changing who you are but rather embracing and enhancing your natural beauty and confidence.

5. Let Scorpio Man See You Getting Attention From Other Men Occasionally

This strategy is delicate but effective when executed with care. Jealousy is a powerful motivator for Scorpio men, who are inherently competitive and possessive.

Seeing you get attention from other men can reignite his interest and make him realize what he’s potentially lost. It’s not about making him insecure but reminding him of your worth and the fact that others see it too.

Use this approach sparingly and wisely; you aim to spark interest, not to foster resentment. Importantly, I can help you with How To Make A Scorpio Man Regret Losing You.

5 Things That What Happens When You Stop Chasing A Scorpio Man

When you stop chasing a Scorpio man, several possible outcomes could occur depending on the dynamics of your relationship and his personality traits. Here are a few possibilities:

1. Scorpio Man Turns Him Back To Pursue You

Scorpio men often enjoy the thrill of the chase, but they also appreciate independence and respect personal boundaries.

If you step back, he may see this as a sign of your strength and self-respect, which are attractive to him. This can lead him to view you in a new light and potentially increase his interest in you, especially in pursuing you again.

2. Scorpio Man Mirrors on His Reflective Introspection And Feelings

Scorpios are introspective individuals who often delve deeply into their emotions. If you stop chasing him, he might take this as an opportunity to reflect on his feelings for you and evaluate what he truly wants from the relationship.

This period of introspection could lead to greater clarity and understanding on both sides. And when Scorpio man truly understands himself clearly, potentially leading to a more deliberate approach toward you if he’s interested.

3. This Can Be A Test For You

Scorpio men are known for their strategic thinking. That is why sometimes these astrological signs can test your loyalty and commitment.

And when you stop chasing a Scorpio man, this might lead him to check the connection between you two. This could manifest in various ways, such as reaching out less frequently to see if you will take the initiative.

4. Scorpio Man Could Become Distant

Some Scorpio men may interpret your withdrawal as a sign of disinterest or rejection. In response, he might become indifferent or aloof, especially if he’s unsure about your feelings or intentions.

However, if he’s genuinely invested in the relationship, he may eventually open up and communicate his concerns.

5. Scorpio Man Loses Interest In You

On the other hand, if the Scorpio man was only interested in the chase itself and not in building a genuine connection, he might lose interest once you stop pursuing him.

The Scorpio zodiac signs value authenticity and may see through any insincere attempts to manipulate or play games. If the connection wasn’t strong at the beginning, they might see your stepping back as a sign to close this chapter and look forward.

In conclusion: How To Get A Scorpio Man To Chase You

Above all, I know making a Scorpio man chase you isn’t an easy task but requires full understanding and wonderful effort. Moreover, it’s important that you show your advantage and good morals to make Scorpio man obsessed with you.

More importantly, respect, understanding, and support are the main core of any relationship. If you know more about what attracts Scorpio men and how to keep Scorpio men interested, it’s no longer so difficult for you.

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