Cancer Worst Match – Least Compatibility Signs With Cancer


What Cancer needs to do in a Cancer worst match? This article will show you all about the least compatible with Cancer and how to find hidden potential and improve any Cancer relationship from friendship to love.

Before knowing better about what is the worst zodiac match for Cancer woman or man, you should learn about the overview of Cancer first.

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac. Represented by the image of the Crab and belonging to Water signs, these astrological signs have soft, flexible, but also tough and strong personalities. And under the rule of the Moon, they have a rich, emotional, and family-oriented interior. Even, they are so thoughtful and caring for others that they forget about themselves.

When in love, Cancer completely trusts the person they love. The trust of Cancer is not easy to gain, but once you have captured the love of Cancer, you will be the person Cancer trusts the most. These Crabs crave stable and long-term relationships, simultaneously, their partners should bring them protective and secure feelings.

What happens when you are Cancer worst match, let Lalazodiac explore!

Cancer Worst MatchLibra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Aquarius.

6. Cancer and Libra

No other couple in the zodiac will ever compare to the ups and downs Cancer and Libra will face. Because they are like two zodiac signs in two different worlds. Libra, with charming diplomacy, is famous as a social butterfly, who loves to happy-dance in brilliant flowers while Cancer values family relationships, security with acquaintances, and deep connections.

It’s not unusual for a Cancer to question Libra’s trustworthiness and true love for them because Libra is a flirting unreliable zodiac sign, while Libra may start to feel suffocated by the high demands for the sentiment from Cancer because Libra sees Cancer as a close-minded introvert and never gets out of their shell.

In fact, the core nature of Cancer and Libra is to highly appreciate companionship and create harmony in any relationship. So, try to make efforts to communicate and understand each other better, they can find the key that opens the door that locks their love.

5. Cancer and Gemini

In any relationship between Cancer and Gemini, they both have differences in all aspects of life leading to Gemini being one of the Cancer worst match. As Air signs, Gemini’s approach to romance tends to be more intellectual and rational, while Cancer prefers to follow their heart and feelings, which can cause misunderstanding.

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Cancer wants someone to be by their side a lot, giving them proof of love and affection for them, Gemini wants an astrological sign full of life, openness, and lots of initiative to follow their soaring ideas. Therefore, there will be times when Gemini gobbles up Cancer’s love by flapping its wings from the stifling void, and Cancer will doubt and lack faith in Gemini who jumps from place to place and person to person.

Generally, Cancer and Gemini’s love affair still become very interesting because of their difference. Possessing an interesting soul and intellect, Gemini will help Cancer make their dreams come true, while the dedication of Cancer brings Gemini a precious lesson in love.

4. Cancer and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the Cancer worst match because they both express their outlooks and nature in opposite ways, especially completely different thoughts, and attitudes toward family. Sagittarius is known as a spontaneous pioneer explorer who tends to dismiss people who demand too much of their intimacy. While Cancer is a sensitive water sign that likes to stay at home and take care of the family.

Sagittarius has a need to show their magnetism to everyone around, and Cancer supposes that Sagittarius is always flirting, pursuing anyone, as long as that person is attractive enough. In turn, Cancer possesses an intense love and craves intimacy, but precisely for this reason the Crab’s possessive grip clings tight and this is inadvertently smothering the freedom of Sagittarius.

However, the opposite brings this Cancer least compatibility lessons that they can learn from their partners. As much as an understanding Cancer can tap into the depth of a partner’s trust, an ebullient Sagittarius can broaden their partner’s horizons and make them that much happier going out into the world.

3. Cancer and Leo

Leo is the Cancer worst match because their match survival challenges and obstacles come from differing views and interests. Leo is extroverted, confident, and dynamic, and especially, prefers to immerse in the spotlight while Cancer loves private space and intimate relationships.

In any relationship, Leo tends to be self-ego and uncompromising, yet prefers to deal with matters directly but Cancer is the silent type and doesn’t want to share it with anyone. Although both represent love, Cancer has inclined toward home and those loved ones in the family, while the heart of Leo is warm and big, filled with fiery emotions and passion.

However, both are true romantics from the heart, loyal, and value-lasting connections. Cancer and Leo try to constantly communicate, understand, and avoid overwhelming each other too much, or don’t be too docile and reserved, this match will be extremely successful.

2. Cancer and Aries

Aries is the Cancer worst match because of the difference in nature and personality traits. Aries is extremely independent, free, and self-reliant, simultaneously, upholding my ego and personal opinions. While Cancer is directed toward home and constantly seeks stability in close, intimate relationships.

Moreover, the approach, problem-solving, and action tendencies of this match are opposite. Aries focuses on solving problems clearly and quickly, while Cancer is quite conservative in their opinion, and tends to take everything personally. Even, Aries’ bluntness causes annoying to a sensitive soul like Cancer.

Despite their challenges, these least compatible with Cancer combine quite well when it comes to building a love based on trust and loyalty, as long as they are willing to put aside their fears and open up and communicate more together. The hope for a brighter tomorrow will eclipse the darkest days, and the couple will walk on the red carpet of love.

1. Cancer and Aquarius

The relationship between Cancer and Aquarius often has conflicts in point of view that sometimes both don’t realize they are hurting each other and destroying their relationship. As a Water sign, Cancer is dominated by emotions and intuition while Aquarius is governed by logic and reason due to the nature of Air signs.

Although Aquarius values Cancer’s nurture and care, this makes free-loving Aquarians suffocate and be trapped by demands for intimacy, while Aquarius is known as a sci-fi nomad with weird habits and detached from life, making Cancer will sometimes burst into tears because of being left alone for no reason.

On the bright side, however, differences give this Cancer worst match the opportunity to learn from each other. Cancer can teach Aquarius contact with their own emotions while Aquarius helps Cancer let loose themselves and explore the world.

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The Bottom Line: Cancer Worst Match

What signs are Cancer least compatibility is not important anymore because benefits or drawbacks have their own strength and weakness?

Sometimes, challenges push everyone to find out how potential conflicts arise and figure out the best way to remedy the weaknesses of each other which helps both supplement more lessons that each of them lacks.

Thus, no matter what sign is the least compatible signs with Cancer woman or man, remember that there are much more characteristics to decide a zodiac sign’s traits and relationship than just their Sun Sign. To know more about your compatibility with your partner in detail, please read the full of Compatibility Relationship Reports.

Infographic – Cancer Worst Match

Infographic - Cancer Worst Match
Infographic – Cancer Worst Match

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