Mercury in Libra: Meaning, Significance, Personality And Traits

Published on September 19, 2020 by

Mercury in Libra guys and gals are flip floppers. They’re often heard saying, “On the other hand….”

This can make them seem indecisive. But, it’s also a gift, because they synthesize things, and are able to walk in others’ shoes. They might not change their minds as much as fellow airy Mercury Gemini, but when they do, it’s often simply part of their process. They swing this way and that, and try on ideas, and then see which one feels right.

Sometimes they play Devil’s Advocate, just to be contrary, or to make a point that nothing is just one way. They are generally fair, and could be the one that settles disputes in your circle.

Mercury Libra is a visionary (cardinal) and don’t like to be censored or thrown off balance. Libra has the strong will of Aries, but is also able to sync with others, and come to creative compromises.

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