I’m Not Complicated, I’m Just A Pisces

Published on November 21, 2020 by

I’m not complicated, I just have a lot of feelings. All Pisces do. We can’t help that we fall into people and relationships blindly, we can’t stop our hearts from beating with gusto, we have no control over the way we care for the people around us. We’re emphatic. It’s not in our blood to turn away from someone who needs us or stand passively while someone suffers. It’s not normal for us to pretend like we don’t care, or to feign indifference when we’re involved with someone.

When there’s an emotion in our chest, we let it happen. We let that sadness, that joy, that affection burst through every cell of our being. We let the emotion fully take over, let it control our minds, let ourselves be guided (sometimes foolishly) by our heart…

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