12 Reasons An Aries Is The BEST Friend You Never Knew You NEEDED

Published on September 19, 2020 by

She will NEVER disappoint.

You’ll never regret being friends with an Aries. Ok, so sure they can be moody, impatient and short-tempered at times, but their redeeming qualities far out weigh the bad ones.

You’ll never have to worry about what you look like because she won’t care — she’s the kind of friend that favors leggings and a baggy tee over a cute but uncomfortable outfit. And on the weekends she will totally be down for an all out binge fest of whatever T.V. show you want.

Aries also like to arrive first to any event. This will come in handy because you’ll always be able to count on her to let you know if your ex showed up to your friend’s birthday and more importantly who he is with. Don’t worry … she’ll give it to you straight..

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